Arnaldo Caprai


Grecante Colli Martani Grechetto 2017

Delicious! According to Wine Folly, if you close your eyes, it tastes like rose. Soooo true! Definitely buying this again! — 11 days ago


Sinning Beauty Montefalco Sagrantino 2008

Loved this wine. So much to unpack - firm tannins, plush textures, wide range of scents on the bouquet. Really fun wine and incredibly well made. Like a mix between Masseto and a not too sweet Valpo or Amarone — 7 months ago

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Arnaldo Rivera

Undicicomuni Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

And under performing Barolo. Sharp, tannic and really didn’t have the fruit to balance it. Maybe just a one off bottle. — a year ago

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Nero Outsider Montefalco Pinot Nero 2010

Thanks to @Delectable Wine for a quick turnaround on ID-ing this relatively obscure cuvée. Caprai does amazing things that go way beyond his flagship Sagrantinos. Here is a 100% Umbrian Pinot Noir, made only in certain vintages. The varietal expression here is unique (a good wine to stump blind tasters) - richer and more powerful than you’d expect, with bluer fruits and higher tannins too...almost like a Bdx. — 3 years ago

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Collepiano Sagrantino di Montefalco 2007

Very dark wine - nice bouquet of forest floor and mushrooms, black fruit - the taste is dominated by a heavy tannin attacking the gums - also some black fruits in the mouth and mediterranean herbes, garrigue - long, dry aftertaste... — a month ago


Sagrantino di Montefalco 2001

Big bold. Not heavy tannins must have mellowed with age. Fruit tobacco and spice. Not for light red drinkers but great with steak — 10 months ago


Quaranta Anni Vigna del Lago Sagrantino di Montefalco 2007

The Arnaldo Caprai 40 Anni Vigna del Lago Sagrentino di Montefalco is, like its name, a big boy. Plenty of grippy tannins here, as one would expect, but certainly not too ferocious to prevent great enjoyment. Dark fruit, Christmas spice, tar and pepper all combine beautifully. This wine has a long way to go. — 2 years ago

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Raun Kupiec

Raun Kupiec

Sagrantino di Montefalcos are so under-appreciated internationally. Really deserve more acclaim. Especially with the fantastic food of Umbria.
James Forsyth

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@Raun Kupiec based on this wine I’m inclined to agree!!


25 Anni Sagrantino di Montefalco 2001

Ron R

I have a soft spot for this producer. This 100% sargrantino requires at least 15 years post bottling, but from there, the wine sings.
Nice fruit profile of cherries and strawberries, gives way to cinnamon, tobacco, coffee, and bay leaves. Big tannins create a strong structure, from which the remaining components hang from. Hold this for another 15 years, easily.
— a month ago

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Josh Morgenthau

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Sounds amazing, I’m sold! Will seek this out, then try to forget about it until my senior years :)
Philip Deibel

Philip Deibel Premium Badge

Very interesting Ron! Do producers typically hold back new releases as Spanish producers commonly do? I have always respected a producer whose current release is over a decade old already.
Ron R

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@Philip Deibel, a minority of typically high-end producer hold back on release. Caprai only produces the 25th anni in the best years. The 100% sargrantino varietal is impenetrable in its youth. It truly requires 15 + years for it to blossom. And when it does, boy o boy.