Alsace, France


Alsace Riesling 2016

I will live and die by this QPR. Leunig’s in Burlington, VT has a wine list that leaves a lot to be desired but their dishes are always delicious and the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming, so at least they have this trusty Riesling. Went pretty well with the white truffle fries and bistro burger with foie gras and black truffle cheese 🧀 🌦 — a day ago

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Domaine Marcel Deiss

Engelgarten Bergheim Alsace Riesling Blend 2002

Perfect age. Full body but lacking that acidic bite I associate with Alsace. Still a total joy to have along for a wonderful 7-course chefs menu at Koka in Göteborg Sweden. — 4 days ago

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Jérôme lorentz Fils

Vin d'Alsace Silvaner 2011

Beautiful auburn color, musky nose with medium tannins. Earthy tones that aren’t too overpowering. Has dark cherries in the front pallet. Incredible find for $10 — 15 hours ago

Agathe Bursin

Alsace Dirstelberg Gewurztraminer 2017

Passion fruit? Cinnamon? What is going on here? Served with Thai curry mussels, was thoroughly delightful. — a day ago

Hugel et Fils

Cuvée Les Amours Alsace Pinot Blanc 2015

Oldest cellar dates back to 1551, with rows of oak wine casks, over one hundred years old, crafted by the forefathers of the present generation of Hugels. The oldest cask in the world still in use: the Sainte Caterine, a capacity of 8,800 litres, built in 1715, the year Louis XIV died. Aromas of fruit & citrus aromas. Palate stone & tropical flavors, citrus notes, vivid acidity, medium finish. Nice! — 7 days ago

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Domaine Zind Humbrecht

Brand (Turckheim) Grand Cru Riesling 1998

Rick K

Beautiful. Balanced. Tight tropical fruit with slate. Extremely long and elegant finish. In a great place. Getting better with air. Wow wine. — 5 days ago

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Rolly Gassmann

Alsace AOC Pinot Blanc

Nick M

This stuff rules. I’ve always been kind of “Meh” about Pinot Blanc before, but I guess I never had the good shit. This, my friends, is why you should occasionally revisit styles you think you don’t like. — 8 months ago

Lucien Albrecht

Tradition Alsace Pinot Gris 2017

The history of the Albrecht family as winegrowers can be traced back to 1425 with Romanu Albrecht, who was established in the town of Thann. Nice pale color, fruit and oily citrus aromas. On the palate peach and lime citrus flavors, delicate floral spice, vivid acidity on medium finish. Nice! — 8 days ago

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Cave Vinicole de Kientzheim-Kaysersberg

Anne de K Alsace Late Harvest Pinot Gris 2009

Great notes of pineapple and honey on the nose with a hint of earth and candied apricots. Dark golden color with thick viscosity. Lays full bodied on the palate with a slight tingling sensation on the finish. The palate is coated with honey and candied fruit with undertones of dried fruit on the finish followed by the aforementioned tingling spice. Great balance and flavor. Nose is more complex than the palate. Overall not too sweet. More of a semi sweet. — 5 days ago

Domaine Marcel Deiss

La Colline Rouge Rotenberg Cru d'Alsace Riesling Pinot Gris 2012

Cathy Corison

Pinot Gris adds heft. Broad, viscous feel. Botrytis notes nice bottle development. — 17 days ago

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