Alba Vineyard


Vigna Scot Dolcetto d'Alba 2016

Funky violets on the nose some acidity with blueberry loganberry and some smoky herb reasonable grog and acidity, always a great summer red — 7 days ago

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Barbera d'Alba 2015

2015 is a lush, juicy, fuller vintage. A few days (4) in an opened bottle allowed the wine to breath nicely. Nose of earth (dirt), mushroom, black pepper, a touch of vanilla and cinnamon, a dirty leather, and dark red fruit (not sweet). The mouth feel is juicy with still punchy tannins and acidity. There’s more of a tart plum with cinnamon, mushroom and that dirt quality again. Pretty solid stuff. Can definitely use age. — 5 days ago

Flavio Roddolo

Bricco Appiani Barbera d'Alba 2008

Even 11 years in this is delicious. Woody, leathery, and a little bit funky with good acid. With Barbera this good, who needs Barolo? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch... — 6 days ago

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Giacomo Conterno

Vigna Francia Barbera d'Alba 2015

The nose reminded me of walking thru the perfume aisle of a major department store. Mesmerizing scents of lavender, flowers and black cherry. The palate has extreme power but is very well balanced. Very tightly wound but there is no doubting that the structure will loosen up and provide many years of great drinking. — 17 days ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Love these wines

Luciano Sandrone

Barbera d'Alba 2013

Second time having this beauty. Opened four hours earlier and it made a huuuuge difference. Rich with dark fruits and spice. So nice! — 16 days ago

Chad Anderson
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Andrea Oberto

Dolcetto d'Alba 2016

Comes on strong at first but settles quickly on the palate. No flavors stick out but very similar to Chianti. Dry but easily drinkable. — 2 days ago

Bruno Rocca

Barbera d'Alba 2016

Tasted after 7 days from having the cork pulled and it still remains vibrant. — 7 days ago

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Paitin di Pasquero-Elia

Ca Veja Nebbiolo d'Alba 2017

Committed to trying more old world wines this year and this is a tasty number to kick that off! Easy drinker, very subtle cherry, not fruity. Definite acid and citrus, light tannins, would go great with red sauce as well as heartier fish. Appealing ruby color. Opened up with some air-time/decanting for sure and would likewise benefit from some cellar time. But a very good vibe even at this young age. — 14 hours ago


Marghe Nebbiolo d'Alba 2015

Floral, ivy, and soft fruit on the nose. Bright ruby colors in the glass, really sparkles like a lithe pinot noir. Sour cherry and raspberry on the palate. Really opens up with salt and fat, and the top end and botanical flavors come to the fore. At the price, this should be a house red at any corner trattoria. — 6 days ago

Indigenous Selections

Nebbiolo d'Alba

Wood and rose on the nose. Cinnamon and spice on the palate with a bit of tart fruit. — 12 hours ago

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