Montlouis Sur Loire, Touraine

Domaine de la Taille aux Loups

Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos Michet Chenin Blanc 2017

Elegant and sophisticated wine. Yellow fruits, nuts, quince jam, benzene notes and tilia with some bakery hints. High electric acidity, well balanced, has lots of power and potential. It's almost ready to kick me in the face. Long aftertaste with flavours of tilia honey and green apricot. Young yet delicious!

Tasted on 2021-08-25
— 4 days ago

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Ludovic Chanson

Les Cabotines Chenin Blanc 2019

Mom really likes; Dad likes but not quite as well. — 14 days ago

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Le Rocher des Violettes (Xavier Weisskopf)

Pétillant Originel Montlouis-sur-Loire Chenin Blanc 2017

Lovely sparkling with minerals. You can taste the chalk. This will age well Lille will drink it in a few years — a month ago

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Domaine de la Taille aux Loups

Monopole Clos de Mosny Montlouis Sur Loire Chenin Blanc 2015

Expressive and sophisticated bouquet with benzene notes, Jerez, nuts, tilia honey, slightly rotten mandarins. With time the nose evolves, calms down and you get green tea with jasmine as a bonus. Multilayered wine, with long jerez-like evolving taste, flavours of green almond and yellow fruits with benzene. Great wine, wonderful QPR, shame it's not available anymore.

Tasted on 2021-08-25
— 4 days ago

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François Chidaine

Les Bournais Franc de Pied Montlouis-sur-Loire Chenin Blanc 2010

Beautiful. Some RS or botrytis influence here as the wine was rather rich and opulent. Not sweet though. — a month ago

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Domaine Bernard Baudry

La Croix Boissée Chinon Cabernet Franc 2008

Superbe note de poivron et de cuir
Toujours une belle sensualité sur cette cuvée
— a month ago

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Cuvée Réservée Brut Chenin Blanc

NV Bubbly from Chenin Blanc from the sympathetic cooperative of wine growers. Made with the Terra Vitis principles. Aged 24 months in the ‘cave en tuffeau’. Very quaffable with pleasant fruit expressions. — 4 hours ago

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Delecheneau (Coralie et Damien)

La Grange Tiphaine Clef de Sol Chenin Blanc 2017

Very nice. Beeswax, lemon, minerals, apricots, and another fruit that’s not quite tropical. Can’t put my finger on it. Maybe underripe melon? Anyways love it! — 15 days ago

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Un Saumon dans la Loire

La Petite Gaule du Matin Montlouis-sur-Loire Chenin Blanc 2020

- Nose: fresh apple streuseltarte
- Palate: apple tarte, cooked pear
— 24 days ago

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Domaine de la Taille aux Loups

Brut Tradition Chenin Blanc

Had a few times before, really nice. Toast, baked apple and amazing acidity. — a month ago

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