Montilla Moriles, Andalucía


Fino Capataz Solera de la Casa Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez

Very old fino by a historic Montilla producer - with about 12 years of aging under flor in the solera system. Intense nose. Full-bodied, rounder than most Finos from Jerez (made with Pedro Ximenez, instead of Palomino) — 3 months ago

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Amontillado Carlos VII Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez

Terrific amontillado. Bone dry, even tart, at the start. Then great hints of almonds and toffee at the finish. — 7 months ago

Château Las Collas

Rivesaltes Vin Doux Grenache 1961

1961 vintage. Gifted from a most excellent colleague, thanks, Bill! Very caramelized with pecan pie, brown sugar, vanilla, rum raisins, candied dried cherries. Good length. Akin to good Montilla-Moriles or medium sweet Madeira. — 8 days ago

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3 Miradas Vino de Pueblo Sierras de Montilla Pedro Ximénez 2019

Huge Pedro dry wine , tropical candy cake nose super light oxy flavors (sous voile ) but well balanced intention/intervention with great stony acid and length …gateway to sherry? — 5 months ago

Bodegas Lagar Blanco

Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez

100% Pedro Ximénez. Aged for almost 20 years in the solera system (at least 5 years of biological aging under flor, and then oxidative aging). Hazelnuts. Sharp, slightly saline. — 9 months ago

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Solera 1927 Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez

Super. Acidity, figs, intense PX spice and sweetness. — 3 months ago


Fino en Rama Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez 2016

Huge single barrel fino PX en Rama. Big dried papaya fresh passion fruit nose, that has typical oxy raw cashew touch of toasted almond beautiful color powerful dry juice that without the acid does lingers, crushes never overpowers — 5 months ago

Lagar de los Frailes

Lagar de los Frailes 3 Fino en Rama

100% Pedro Ximenez from vineyards in Moriles Altos, one of the top areas within the Montilla-Moriles appellation. Vines are rooted in albariza (tosca hojaldrada) soils. Aged for an average of 3 years under flor in the solera system and bottled en rama (unfiltered). Intense nose with notes of toasted almonds and yeast. Sharp, very dry and saline on the palate. A very powerful and sapid, quite persistent wine. Umami 💣 — 9 months ago

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