Harvest Moon Estate & Winery


Harvest Gold

This is a lovely wine that pairs well with a spinach risotto. My spouse describes it "as light but not wimpy." We are going to buy more bottles. — 15 days ago


Late Harvest Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc

Chardonnay like on the nose, darker hue, definitely need some food, — a day ago

Danza Del Sol

Sabrosa Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Honey, guava, and orange. Sweet and smooth. — 6 days ago

Harvest Ridge Winery

Blue Hen Blue Blackberry Merlot

I love the sweet blueberry and grape mixture. One of my favorite blueberry based wines. "It taste so good when it hits the lips" 🍇 🍷 — 15 days ago


Napa Valley Late Harvest Johannisberg Riesling 1978

Cathy Corison

Flash from the past. Tea. Apricots, honey. Lovely Botrytis. Hints of diesel. Thank you Tony Soter. Pritchard Hill Riesling. Unicorn. — 11 days ago

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Eric S

Eric S Premium Badge

Unicorn to say the least! Bravo.
Jeff D.

Jeff D. Influencer Badge

Epic vintage!
Michael Amoruso

Michael Amoruso

Wow. Can’t even use that designation anymore.

B. Wise Vineyards

Moon Mountain District Block 1 Syrah

Joe F

Nose: Bright dark fruits, cocoa, tobacco, taste: smooth, jammy, tobacco, moderate tannin finish and lingering cherry flavor. J loves a bit more than C, but still very tasty. — 8 days ago

Joe F

Joe F

Nose: bright dark fruits, cocoa, tobacco

Beringer Vineyards

Special Select Late Harvest California Johannisberg Riesling 1994

Powerful and delicate, 26 years made for a fantastic nose, unctuous raisins, figs, dark cherries, darker than an aged port. Simply espectacular. — 7 days ago

Moon Mountain Vineyard

Sonoma County Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

This poor vineyard. Wedged in between two of Sonoma’s best vineyards but mistreated for years. Mountain fruit. The first whiff took me back to being in their caves. The Petit Verdot comes out. Lots of red and black fruit coming out with spice and cedar/cigar box. Still so rich. The oak is fully integrated, very fine tannins. Excellent balance. At its peak, with many more years to go. A medium to big cab, sensuous, but structured, not overdone. One of my favorite wines for sentimental reasons. Perhaps not a “great” wine, but so what? There’s a lot of pleasure in this. There isn’t much mountain fruit like this from Sonoma. Drink or lay down. I’ve got a vertical. — 2 days ago

Hilliard Bruce

Moon Pinot Noir

2014 opened Oct 2020. Hilliard Bruce was my favorite of the Santa Rita hills Pinot producers. I got an email a while back that they went out of business. So sad.

IMHO the vineyard from which they sourced the grapes for The Moon produced some of the most complex and luscious Pinots in the Santa Rita Hills. Well, here’s my review of a wine we’ll see no more of.

Raspberries and sage on the nose. Lots of bouncy high notes plus a delicate tannic structure that starts on the front of the tongue and that carries through to the mid palate. More of the raspberry fruit comes out on the mid-palate — almost a Crème de Framboise intensity — but it’s offset by slightly smokey finish. Please don’t take any of these descriptors is being negative, because they all work together. This wine has a wonderful balance. Not as fantastic as a 2009 Moon, but this is a worthy vintage indeed.
— 25 days ago

Hunt & Harvest

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

From carol Wasik very good — 10 days ago