Coteaux Du Layon

Dominique Laurent

Coteaux Bourguignons Pinot Noir 2021

Blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, and it shows. Gamay bringing bright fruit and a wild character, with the Pinot bringing violets, cherry and mushroom. Acid brings it all together. Pretty. — 13 days ago

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Jean-Luc Colombo

Les Pins Couchés Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé 2020

Light and refreshing. A bit of red juicy berry but good on the stomach. Would drink again! — 2 days ago

Ste Venture

Aix en Provence Rosé Blend 2021

Strawberry, watermelon, minerality and great acid. 12.5 abv. — 25 days ago

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Domaine de Bellivière (Eric Nicolas)

Rouge-Gorge Coteaux Du Loir Pineau d'Aunis

Love love as always! Is this my favorite vintage for this wine? Maybe not. Does it taste a little less Pineau d’aunis-ey than usual? Probably. But I’m splitting hairs here. Awesome wine that I bet will age well — 3 days ago

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Domaine Guy Castagnier

Coteaux Bourguignons Pinot Noir 2018


Initially the was some raisin but that subsides. More ripe fruit begins to emerge. — 12 days ago

with Jeni
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Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup

Cuvée St. Agnes Languedoc Rouge Red Rhone Blend

Jammy goodness, soft tannins, people pleaser - at Lucky’s with ribeye and bouillabaisse , 2017 — 14 days ago

Domaine Prieuré Roch

Coteaux Bourguignons Gamay 2019

Took a while to open up. Delicate perfumed nose. Very elegant. Expressive. Serious wine. — 2 days ago

Maison Saint Aix

Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé 2021

Pétanque and Rose...quintessentially summer. This was fresh and fruity. Combated the sweltering heat well and was extremely refreshing. — 5 days ago

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Hugues Beaulieu

Coteaux du Languedoc Picpoul-de-Pinet Picpoul Blanc 2021

I’m usually not a white wine drinker, but this one is complex enough to hold my attention! Nice notes of honeysuckle without being sweet, and a bit of minerality to add a depth to the flavor profile. This will be a staple white for me for sure. — 6 days ago