Christian Salmon


Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

15 person Champagne tasting with friends.

We inserted what we all feeling is more or less the gold standard of n/v Rose’ to pair with duck and goat cheese on crostinis.
— 12 days ago

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Christian Venier

Le Clos des Carteries Cheverny Pinot Noir Blend

Powerful, deep and rich, well-balanced and well-structured. This wine (2020) could have used a decade or more, but it was wonderful in 2023—decanted an hour before serving with a lamb-eggplant dish. — 2 months ago

Christian Ducroux

Exspectatia Beaujolais Gamay 2021

Really great. 2021 vintage I think? Not obvious on the bottle. — 4 days ago

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Christian Tschida

Birdscape Blaufränkisch

didn't expect this much depth and complexity when it was poured into the glass. excellent — 19 days ago


Vintage Brut Champagne 2004


Mateo Sarah Anne visit and he’s a foodie and vino lover especially Champagne. Wow. Yeasty earthy bready notes, bubbles and complexity dancing on palate with long tasty finish. A full rich bubbly. SA favorite other way around for Mateo Saint Gall. — 2 months ago


Cuvée Elisabeth Salmon Brut Rosé Champagne 2005

Pear and apple on the nose. Crisp and fruity then opens up to a full bodied chocolate semi sweetness. — 3 months ago


Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart Brut Champagne Blend 2002

David T

Happy birthday Honey. 🥳🎂🎉 🌹

This is absolutely as exquisite as when we had it for Christina’s birthday March 1, 2023. The benefit tonight is time & attention to focus on it. Delicious.

Green apple, lime, lemon pineapple, stone fruits, slightly bruised golden apple and pear, leans into apple cider, cream, ginger ale, nuts w/ skin, very fine powdery chalkiness, limestone, saline, biscuit dough, sea fossils. Amazing body and acidity, fruit blossoms, jasmine, yellow florals and well; structured knitted, balanced, extremely well polished finish that lasts two-minutes. Drinking beautiful now & with time & life for 10 yrs or more. Love you Sofia.

— a month ago

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Brut Réserve Champagne Blend

David T

It’s Miller time. Well…actually Billecart time. I like this more than I buy it. One of good cuvées easily found in 375ml.

The body creamy, layered, nice c02, bruised golden & green apple, ripe Bosc pear, pineapple flesh, tropical melons-mango driven, lime & lemon zest, cream soda, cream, white spice-ginger, bread, yeast, brioche, soft but grainy moist chalkiness, sea spray/fossils, slightly chard sourdough toast, wet/softened alluvial, limestone, wet river stone, notes of flintiness, yellow lilies, white orchids, fruit blossoms, jasmine, rainfall acidity, excellent balanced fruit & earth, tension, structure with a juicy two-minute polished finish that falls onto beautiful minerality.

BTW, home grown tomatoes with Companion Bakery wheat sourdough, lightly toasted w/ olive oil, burrata, Tondo balsamic (stunning), olive oil & fresh basil never gets old.
— 2 months ago

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