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Marlborough Pinot Noir 2014

Oops. Happy accident perhaps as this 2014 pinot opens up slightly petillant. Unfinished secondary ferment likely as no bretty notes. Delicious and on clearance at my Whole Foods. Exploding bottles maybe? I went back and bought all they had. — 11 days ago

Shimbumi Knoll

Buena Tierra Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

Prior notes are consistent. I could drink this all day long (I sort of already have - oops). — 4 months ago

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Carl Fischer

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@David L - I’ve got something even more fun to share....
David Lentine

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Now I’m even more excited. Can’t wait!!

Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Rosé 2000


🗞 Y2K 🐜 🤣, Blockbuster not buy Netflix 🤣, Concord 😢, PS2 🕹, DotCom 💥📉
🎵 Oops! I Did It Again, Stan, Who let the 🐶 out
🎥 X-Men, Cast Away, Erin Brockovich, Gladiator
🗣 I have nipples Greg, could you milk me?
🌍 6.09B

Pink Pinot Porn 💗

The steamy finessed intricate pink bubbles tease you as they dance around the glass hypnotising you to take a sip of the deep clear amber, shining copper & salmon love juice. The nose seduces with a powerful floral cherry red berry smokey soil leafy peachy brioche mist. Helplessly your palette succumbs to a smooth rich strawberry peach & red berry biscuity mousse caress that teases you to take another as the kiss lingers on and on. I thought the 96 pink DP was hot but this is X-rated! Drank in a Zalto Burgundy glass & decanted.

Divine! 😍
— 7 months ago

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Chris England

Chris England

@Weijie Shi thanks I had fun doing this one 👍🥂🎉
Riddley Walker

Riddley Walker

Looks like something shot by a NASA telescope 🛰🎆🤩
Chris England

Chris England

@Riddley Walker Ha Ha yes but in pink 😁🥂👍


Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 1984

Jump. Panama. Hot for Teacher. Oops not a Van Halen retro but wow. Yum. Still has legs. Medium to full. Alexander Valley fruit all the way. Santa Rosa produced. Love that too. Garage winemakers everywhere. — 18 days ago


Tilton Hill Pinot Noir 2015

Thought I was opening the 2013 and accidentally grabbed the 2015...oops!!Should probably sit for a bit; nonetheless, a very enjoyable bottle for the holiday weekend. I got some earthiness, forest, stone and cherries. — 3 months ago

Sarah Oettel

Sarah Oettel

Really confused here. Why did you post that you were drinking a vintage that won’t even start growing for another eight months let alone be harvested for another eighteen months, then say you drank a vintage from three years ago, thinking it was five years old?
Matt Grauwiler

Matt Grauwiler

Yikes...not sure how that happened, but it has been updated to 2015.

Groth Vineyards & Winery

Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon

Not a type of wine I drink these days. But very good. Sure, there was a fair amount of vegetal character. Oops, I mean herbal. Very nostalgic. Ready to drink. — 7 months ago

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Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini

Vieilles Vignes Gevrey-Chambertin Pinot Noir 2014


Solid, oops I already said that. Very approachable family of wines. Had fun sampling a few. — 2 months ago

with Jeni
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Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette

Les Garants Fleurie Gamay 2014

A few years ago bought several bottles thinking I could medium age a few while I dipped in and out of tasting them. Now only one bottle left. Oops. I like best how its drinking now, has a nice acidic snap, had a broad, ungainly tomato-ey tone which now feels fresh & terroir specific, ie, red fruits incl wild raspberries & strawberries. Has the Beaujo straightforwardness I cherish. Weygandt imp. — 5 months ago

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Sterling Vineyards

Silver Label Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

One of the many I forgot to log from my engagement party. Oops — 5 months ago

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Headsnapper Wines

Mendoza Malbec 2016

Oof trying this just to try to learn Malbec if I were to get it in a blind tasting. I’d maybe confuse it with a new world Merlot. Advice from other blind tasting study-hounds? I sincerely will keep tasting Malbecs of all levels until I get a hang on this. Anyway what I get is some ripe, some stewed and some dried black and blue (cherries, blackberries blueberries) fruit and some vanilla and I just don’t know what would tell my tongue this was Malbec not, say a Merlot or new world hybrid tasty blend...I’d be a fail at the court masters...oh what am I to do? Oh drink oops got it. I shall keep sipping. — 7 months ago

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Chris Parrino

Chris Parrino

90% of the time a noticeable tobacco smoke character is involved. I rarely smoke so when I really want a cigar I generally think of getting a $30 malbec. Normally I get heavier black fruit but you can expect red and sometimes blue. Malbec will not have heavy oaking. So think of this connection because I too have confused merlot with Malbec.. if it's Napa merlot, it won't be Malbec because you should pick up the more intense oak. If it's merlot based Bordeaux it won't be ripe/heavy enough to be Argentinian Malbec. And that's the only Malbec region you'll be tested on👍🏼 Argentinian Malbec alcohol usually sits around 13-15% alc. right Bank Bordeaux can get down to 11.5%-12% and be dry but you'll see 13.5-14%. Napa Merlot 13.5-15.5%.
Ellen Clifford

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@Chris Parrino what helpful advice! Thank you so much!
Chris Parrino

Chris Parrino

Hope it does!