Celler La Salada

Roig Boig Rosé Blend

Like sparkling apple and pear juice, great rocky mineral inspiration and excellent acidity #petnat — 3 years ago

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Leonard Oakes Estate Winery

Pétillant Naturel Riesling

Best Pet Nat I've put in my mouth. Respects the grape and respects the process. Floral, apples and citrus. Throw a little earthy minerality and some yeasty funk, you got yourself one heck of a austere wine. Petillant Natural from NYS, it can be done. It is done. This funeral director thinks the label rocks. #niagara #nyswine #nydrinksny #riesling #sparkling #pétillantnaturel #petnat — 4 years ago

Domaine Chartier-Landron

Naturlich Folle Blanche

Fresh and easy drinking, perfect for hot summer days. Pair with almost everything. From magnum #petnat #naturalwine — 2 years ago

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Mariotti Fortanta

Sèt e Mèz Emilia Fortana

Derek Cohen

Unfiltered, rootstocks 100 years old, planted on the Adriatic coast, and it has the personality of an unfiltered 100 year old seafarer: robust, cloudy, a bit sour and salty, and very interesting. #rosato #petnat #geek — 3 years ago

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La Clarine Farm

Circles Don’t Fly They Float Sierra Foothills Albariño Marsanne

Jameson Fink

Super fun and fizzy. With a hint of intrigue. #petnat #albariño — 3 years ago

Carson Pierpont
with Carson and
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Jameson Fink

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Super fun and fizzy. #petnat #albariño
Jameson Fink

Jameson Fink Influencer Badge

Super-fun, fizzy, fresh. With a hint of intrigue. #petnat #albariño

Domaine Mouressipe

Cuvée Jeux de Bulles Chasselas

So easy-drinking, almost dangerous #petnat — 2 years ago

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Fossil & Till

Petillant Naturel Seneca Lake Riesling 2015

Yeasty & cidery, yet the Riesling aromas and flavors are pure. Quite good. Refreshing. #senecalake #riesling #petnat — 3 years ago

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