Podere Rocche dei Manzoni

Valentino Brut Zero Riserva Chardonnay 2005

Started as a strawberry icing on yellow cake which is odd for extra brut, but this 2005 has some age on it. It turns to soft strawberry compost, pineapple pulp and shortbread cookie, becomes bright marigolds and honeysuckle pollen ,then suddenly croissant becomes primary, forgetting its sweet infancy like a whiff from a patisserie. The palate is calcareous, navel orange-lemon splash, tart, dried lime, and crystalline ginger. Chalky, and delicious. #metodoclassico #valentino #brutzero #bubbles #sparkling #Itsliansparkler — 2 years ago

Fratelli Giorgi

Giorgi 1870 Grancuveè Storica Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero

This shining star was not eclipsed today! Smoky and yeasty with a green leather note, lemon, quince, almonds, star fruit and the memory of chive. A clean, dry ice, nitrogen aroma lingers. Brioche that transmogrifies to scone, with berry esters and edible orchid. Yeast will yield ripe citrus of clementine pith and lemon essence when agitated, but a cleanness abounds and gives this the refined austerity of a reflected holy light. Beautiful!! Perfection during the eclipse! Nero at ground zero! #eclipse #eclipsewine #metodoclassico #giorgi #oltrepopavese #bubbles #sparklingwine #blancdenoir #pinotnero — 2 years ago

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Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Trento DOC Chardonnay

Wow; old Trento DOC; 1987 just holding its gaz; disgorged 2011; low dose 2.5 g/l; all chardonnay; buono; #trentodoc #ferraritrento #giulioferrari #1987 #metodoclassico — 4 years ago

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