Château Ksara

Bekaa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2013

Vintage 2023 - made from cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot. Reminded me in expression of Loire cabernets: paprika/Bell pepper, old wood, high acidity. #lebanon — 2 years ago

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Château Musar

Bekaa Valley Red Blend 1993

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

My first #musar and what a #vintage to start with. Wow! The wine was hazy and red/orange showing advanced age and med concentration. The nose and palate were very lively with sweet delicate fruit and immense complexity only achieved by starting with a high quality wine and aging it perfectly. #lebanon — 4 years ago

Château Kefraya

Les Bretèches Bekaa Valley Red Blend 2011

Earth on the nose, blue fruit on the palate. Finishing with dense tannins. #bekaavalley #lebanon #philly — 4 years ago

Clos St. Thomas

Les Emirs 2011

Vintage 2011 - Wow! #lebanon Rich, spicy. Smooth structure, refinement. Can a wine be severe ánd inviting? This is! — 2 years ago

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Château Musar

Bekaa Valley Rosé Blend 1994

Vintage 1994 - made of the 3 c's: #cabernetsaugvinon, #cinsault and #carignan. I have a weak spot for Musar. Its colour is lightish brown, tuilé. Easy to be mistaken for old nebbiolo. It's nowadays quite unique to see such colour. The wine smells warm and inviting, and yes, complex. I smell pipetobacco, the sweet, vannila, leather and a forrest with wild mushrooms. A spices warehouse. Rich! On the tongue a attack of satin, só smooth, nice sweetness and compelling attractive bitters at the end. A marvelous wine, now 23 years old. Elegance ánd finesse. #musar #lebanon #happiness — 2 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Musar is great, always an interesting flavor profile.
Peter van den Besselaar

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@delectable it's the red Musar
Willem Jan Withagen

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@delectable Musar is RED wine!! Please correct.


Silver Selection Beqaa Valley Red Blend 2010

#lebanon #wine not very good, sweet raisiny start, off putting bitter after-taste — 5 years ago

Château Ksara

Reserve du Couvent Bekaa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2016

Vintage 2014 - 40% cabernetsauvignon 40% cabernetfranc 30%syrah good concentration, spicy, cherries #lebanon — 2 years ago

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Clos St. Thomas

Les Gourmets Rouge 2015

Vintage 2015 - spicy and vibrant, very fragrant - at Houtloods Tilburg #lebanon — 2 years ago

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Château Kefraya

Les Bretèches Bekaa Valley Red Blend 2011


Med+ garnet med nose bramble, rosemary and thyme and a little bit of paint thinner. Licorice. A strangely cloying and dry tannin given the maturity and high alcohol. I felt like it was a Chateauneuf. #lebanonwine #lebanon #gsm — 4 years ago

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Château Musar

Bekaa Valley Red Blend 1995

Andrew Stover

1995 Chateau Musar Red blend. Dried cherry, currant, leather, forest floor, reduced balsamic, baking spice. Soft and silky. Showing well but near the peak for sure. #wine #lebanon #musar — 6 years ago