SommCon San Diego 2019 Roundup

SommCon San Diego 2019 has come and gone, and we are already looking forward to next year’s SommCon! From learning the buzz about mead to deconstructing spirits to oxygen management and wine evolution, the seminars featured at SommCon San Diego covered a wide range of topics that provided an educational opportunity to all who attended. We loved meeting all the Delectable users throughout the weekend and enjoyed welcoming new users to our wine community. Enjoy a few descriptions of some of our favorite seminars, and take a look below to see the wines that were featured at the various tastings and events! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL COGNAC IS BRANDY, BUT NOT ALL BRANDY IS COGNAC! This Master Class was presented by certified Cognac Educator Christian Esser. Christian obtained this prestigious qualification at the invitation of the Bureau National Interprofessional du Cognac (BNIC). This seminar covered the history and production of Cognac including how to best serve and enjoy the differing styles and food pairing options. 9 different Cognac’s were tasted to illustrate and demonstrate the variety of terroirs, styles, tiers and ageing characteristics. Cognac is the original brandy and remains the most honoured and historical evolution of wine. A region in southwest France, Cognac is, first and foremost, a place. Blessed with a unique climate, fertile soils and a rich culture and history the town and surrounding area imbues the spirit made here with their very essence. Proving its versatility and universal appeal, Cognac remains a spirit of choice amongst fine diners and mixologists and finds a new youthful, appreciative, audience within pop-culture. The styles, versatility, applications and rich characters of Cognac are widely varied and the timeless production methods, little altered over the centuries, considered to be one of the most artisanal of all the spirits. OXYGEN MANAGEMENT & WINE EVOLUTION THROUGH WINE CLOSURES This session demonstrated the impact that closure oxygen ingress and oxygen transmission rates (OTR) can have on the sensory profile evolution of wine after bottling. It offered an overview of the innovations in wine closures today and how closures can be tailored to the different wine style needs. Attendees experienced a trial tasting showcasing the sensory profile differences of wines aged under different closures with variable OTR. WOMEN IN WINE PANEL DISCUSSION Attendees heard directly from women winemakers around the world as they celebrate their success in creating the wines tried in the seminar. The winemakers shared how they overcame challenges in their careers and what makes their wine unique. Attendees learned what inspires them and what their plans are for the future. Three key takeaways that attendees received from this session: 1. Were inspired by hearing how women winemakers have overcome adversity 2. Learned details about how these women are making wines in their regions 3. Gained exposure to tasting wines from around the world. NOT SINCE LUNCH: UNCONFUSING BAROLO AND BRUNELLO When the humble, yet masterful British wine writer Harry Waugh was asked, when was the last time he had confused Bordeaux and Burgundy, he famously replied, “not since lunch.” Ask a 21st century American somm that question about Barolo and Brunello, and they may well respond “not since the last blind tasting.” This Italian conundrum has manifested itself on Court of Master Sommelier exams and was even documented in the first “Somm” movie. Italian wine industry veteran Lars Leicht guided a panel of experts to unravel the similarities and differences between Italy’s two “Big Bs” through blind tasting of both iconic and lesser known examples from the two denominations and their respective terroirs.

Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Blend 2008

First taste of '08, powerful right now, tons of stone fruit and flint. 🍑🎳 — 5 years ago

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Weisser Mulatschak Pinot Gris Blend 2018

Really nice. Aromatic, with lively acidity and good texture. — 5 years ago

Ca' Lojera

Riserva del Lupo Lugana Trebbiano 2015

clear and gold. i don’t get much on the nose, pretty low intensity, hard to pull out aromas. dry, medium + body, almost round on the palate. medium - acid. hard to pick out flavors on this one. pear strikes me as the main note. maybe some green melon too ? good wine, good with food (lamb gyro) — 5 years ago

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E. Guigal

La Turque Côte-Rôtie Syrah 1999


1999 E. Guigal Cote Rotie. Dinner w A&S at FarmS. Opened bottle, but didn’t decant and it’s great. Let it sit for an hour or so before we poured. Finish goes on forever. — 6 years ago

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Bodegas Los Bermejos

Lanzarote Listán Negro Rosado 2018

Dried tea leaves and funky sour cherry. Moderate minus acidity, moderate body. Pale salmon. — 5 years ago

Latium Morini

Campo Prognài Valpolicella Superiore Corvina Blend 2015

With grilled salmon, quinoa-low tannin red with a love letter to dark red & black cherries, deeper notes & very fresh. Jan D’Amore importer, whose choices never fail me. The low ratings are mysterious to me. — 5 years ago

Paul LafortezzaOwen Mazon
with Paul and Owen
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Owen Mazon

Owen Mazon

A fine wine with food, though a bit of a one-note song.

Day Wines

Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir 2015

Such a beautiful wine with a combination of New World luscious red fruit and a distinctly Old World earthiness. Lots of smoke, violet, and even lavender to give it striking dimension. This is biodynamic at its best — 6 years ago

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Millésime Brut Champagne Blend 2008

Best vintage ever.... jump all over 08 Champagnes. Better then the 96’🤷🏻‍♂️ — 5 years ago

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Mike R

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Drinking like a kIng @David L
David L

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@Mike R Good times

Bouchard Père et Fils

Vigne de l'Enfant Jésus Grèves Beaune 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2017

17 Barrel Sample, definitely needs more time, but good bones. — 5 years ago

Kumeu River

Estate Chardonnay

Delicious oak, butterscotch and ripe melon characters. Deft use of oak, lively acidity. Quality kiwi chards #chardonnay — 5 years ago

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