Music and Wine: July 2019

Welcome to Delectable's column, Music and Wine! If you’re on the lookout for newly released music, grab your headphones. If you’re searching for a fresh bottle, grab your glass. And if you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with that pop song you can't stop playing on repeat, then sit back, relax, and enjoy these Delectable tunes. Each month, we will gather a playlist of newly released songs and pair them with wines that hit all the right notes. Listen on Spotify Now 1. Myrtle Monotony – Social Contract On Myrtle Monotony, Social Contract solidify a distinctive alt-rock sound that, while clearly influenced by similar modern alt-rock bands, is one that they can be proud to call all their own. Indulgent guitar licks and catchy drum beats led by confident vocals drive the song into a chorus that feels so catchy you can’t help but to move your head along with it. On the song’s theme of inner-reflection and learning from mistakes, we think it best pairs with a region that has seen its own fair share of rises and falls — Beaujolais . It quickly went from being one of the hottest regions in the world in the 80s to foul and oversaturated by the 90s. Now, it’s finding a new spotlight with the acceptance of natural wines. 2. Jealous – Ingrid Michaelson Does the album title Stranger Songs remind you of another pop culture phenomenon with its Season 3 premier coming up on July 4th? From the album cover to the stories behind the songs, Ingrid Michaelson pays tribute to Netflix’s popular series Stranger Things. While the songs take inspiration from the hits of the 80s, the album reflects the pop/synth sounds of 2019. No worries for those who haven’t seen Stranger Things because the songs can stand on their own and make sense beyond the context of the show. As indicated by the title, Jealous describes the monster that comes out when you see someone you’re interested in with someone else. Stanger Things fans will have to find the Easter eggs within the song and let us know which character Michaelson is channeling. Since it was at the height of its popularity in the 80s, we believe a Chardonnay from a 1980s vintage will be the perfect match. 3. Shine A Little Light – The Black Keys It’s been five years since The Black Keys released an album, and “Let’s Rock” (quotations and all) is sure to satisfy the grumbling stomachs of fans. Shine A Little Light opens the album with a vengeance, it’s a tug-of-war between gritty blues and garage, but the duo manage to blend the two perfectly. We think it’s only appropriate to pair this perfectly balanced track with a perfectly balanced wine. To take it even further, maybe one from a region that’s been kickin’ it in the wine world for centuries but isn’t as appreciated outside of its own borders — specifically, a Swiss Pinot Noir-Gamay blend . 4. Ur So Beautiful – Grace VanderWaal Grace VanderWaal first gained musical attention when the video of her singing and playing the ukulele during her America’s Got Talent audition went viral. She went on to win the eleventh season of the show at only twelve years old. Now fifteen, VanderWaal released her latest single, Ur So Beautiful which will be the title track of her upcoming album. With a breezy, lowkey vibe and a hint of innocence, this song reflects all the elements of modern day, young love. VanderWaal may only be fifteen, but the song possesses a relatable quality for all ages, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship. We won’t let Grace have a glass, but we think you should enjoy this summer love song with a bottle of Willamette Valley Riesling . 5. Flying On My Own – Céline Dion After 16 years of residency in Las Vegas, Céline Dion is saying goodbye to this portion of her music career and is already spreading her wings. Dion celebrated the next chapter by performing her newest single during her final Las Vegas show, and the song is appropriately titled, Flying On My Own. Dion’s iconic voice is recognizable from the very first note; however, this song dives into the modern day club/house music that sounds nothing like the well-known tearjerker, My Heart Will Go On. This song will appeal to long-time Dion fans and could encourage a younger audience to jump on board. We think you should grab a glass from Okanagan Valley, Canada . A wine from this region would pay homage to this Canadian singer, and being one of the most northern wine regions, it’s truly flying on its own! 6. Knock Knock Knock – Mark Ronson feat. YEBBA We have an experiment for you: try not to bop your head back and forth or move those shoulders when listening to this song off of Mark Ronson’s newest album, Late Night Feelings. (Hint: it’s incredibly hard not to.) This song finds itself the shortest on the album by rounding out at a crisp 1:32. With a beat that makes you move your body even if it is just a head nod paired with YEBBA’s vocals, this song transports you to a dimly lit room where you will definitely find yourself sitting on a velvet couch. If you’re in a group setting, conversation will pause and everyone will jam out to the beat before resuming the chatter. To match the mood this song exudes, we recommend a glass of Champagne . Bounce with those bubbles and try not to spill your glass. 7. Love Angel – Johnta Austin Having written for artists such as Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey, Emmy award winning songwriter Johnta Austin is back and focused on his own music. While he has released various singles over the years, Love Angel will be on featured on Austin’s upcoming debut album, Love, Sex & Religion. A song grounded in classic R&B, this melodic groove combines all three elements of his album title. Austin brings forward a light and enjoyable song perfect for your summer romance. We recommend a sparkling class of Cava . This wine is smooth yet the sparkling element gives it an extra oomph. Sparkling wine is usually the sign of a good time, which is what you’ll have if you sip on Cava and blast Love Angel. Listen to the previous month’s playlist here .

Georges Laval

Brut Nature Cumières 1er Cru Champagne Blend

Utterly gorgeous grower Champagne. Its precision is what is most striking, perhaps closely followed by its complexity. A stunning way to kick off a meal at Maialino, one of New York's elite Italian restaurants that is simultaneously elevated and relaxed, formal but without any stuffiness. — 6 years ago

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Serge Roh

Dole De Vétroz Gamay Pinot Noir

I don't drink enough Swiss wine, this is good. — 9 years ago

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Lily Davis

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It's so expensive that's why

Julien Sunier

Morgon Gamay 2014

Greg Ballington

We don't have a lot of experience with Beaujolais but definitely want to try some more. Clear ruby red with a light intensity. Lots of perfume and cherries on the nose. Beautifully elegant with cherries and floral notes with a light tannins (4/10). Light bodied with a strong and long finish. Drink till 2028. — 7 years ago

India Okoh
with India
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Jaume Serra (Garcia Carrion)

Cristalino Brut Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada

Tangy fizz with lingering citrus notes - but not over the top. Very easy and enjoyable to drink. — 9 years ago

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Church & State Wines

Lost Inhibitions Best Night Ever White Blend 2014

Paired great with the slightly salty cod ;). Easy to drink, and being a blend of 4 grapes, none of them dominate. Very Light in colour. — 8 years ago

Brooks Winery

Willamette Valley Riesling 2010

Beau Carufel

Just hitting its stride. Bone dry, crisp, yet with a beautiful expansiveness across the palate. Excellent balance, a beautiful stony finish. Love inducing. — 9 years ago

Brooks Winery
with Brooks
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