Zweigelt 2017

fruity! bitter red fruit, like a pomegranate or a cherry. smelled a little like Brussels sprouts at first-- is that sulfur? smells much better after opening a bit, sorta like a jolly rancher. still pretty bitter (smoky?), not chuggable because of that but having very little tannin makes it go down easy anyway. feels a bit peppery? black pepper sounds right but maybe it's bell peppery. not mind blowing but I'm into it. definitely want to try more zweigelts and get to know them (Astor)
— 2 days ago

Weingut Bründlmayer

Langenloiser Zweigelt Rosé 2017

We rarely drink a whole bottle of wine. This was an exception! — 5 days ago

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Arrowleaf Cellars

Field Collection Merlot Zweigelt 2016

This Okanagan wine is made from Merlot and Zweigelt grapes. The nose is rich and complex with notes of dark cherry, dark plum, vanilla and hints of black pepper and sage. The palate is equally rich with a spicy oak finish. — 12 days ago

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@Shawn Thompson Cheers 🍷🇨🇦

Weingut Müller Grossmann

Rosé vom Zweigelt 2018

Independence Day 2019 🇺🇸🍾🎆
Evening BBQ with some close friends.
— 13 days ago

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Zweigelt 2015

Bright, effervescence fading into tart red fruit. I’d drink some more of this, thanks. — 7 hours ago

Hager Matthias

Pet-Nat Zweigelt Blanc de Noir 2017

Lively bubbles and wonderful balance. The interplay between the fruit and bubbles is fantastic. A great summer sipper that went very well with good friends and Austrian food. — 17 days ago

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Trail Marker Wine Co.

Mokelumne Glen Lodi Zweigelt 2018

Whole cluster, unfiltered, funky goodness! High acid with heavy notes of underripe strawberries and cherries. Drew Huffine’s latest project. 11.9% abv! — a month ago

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Weingut Brunn

Blauer Zweigelt Rosé

Green apple, grapefruit, fennel, toasted nuts. Light, high acidity medium alcohol, super low sweetness — 4 days ago


Kapfensteiner Blauer Zweigelt 2015

Nice. Has a nice burst of fruit initially but then evolves into a nice earthy aftertaste. — 7 days ago


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best austrian 19 year old, dark fruit, lush and opulent, soft tannins — 12 days ago

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