Wisconsin, Usa

New Glarus Brewery

Spotted Cow Cream Ale

When you live in Wisconsin.. you drink Spotted Cow! One of the best Ales out there!! — 5 days ago

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New Glarus Brewing Co.

Spotted Cow Cream Ale

SO SMOOTH 💕 easy drinking — a month ago

Clown Shoes

Bubble Farm IPA

Tangerine notes and carnation, lemon pith, apricot juice and lime nose. Ruby grapefruit, lemon twist, lime pith, green pear, white cherry and overall, lava candy which is actually a gum. Lemongrass, candied grapefruit peel and a touch of pepper. A very satisfying IPA out on the town. Been a little while; little one in tow. .
#clownshoes #clownshoesbrewing #BubleFarm #Bubblefarmipa #ipa #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #ale #indiapaleale
— 6 days ago

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@David Kline David sounds great Cheers 🍻

Ghost Pines

Winemaker's Blend Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

A pretty color of dark ruby with a reddish rim.

Fruity nose with black currants, black cherries, black plums, oak, vanilla, licorice, mint, alcohol, pencil lead, chocolates, cola, dark coffee and peppercorn.

Full-bodied and smooth with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with blackberries, black currants, plums, cooked cherries, oak, vanilla, licorice, cloves, herbs, spices, dark chocolates, coffee, peppercorn, vegetables, green herbs and tobacco.

Long finish with fine grained tannins and tangy raspberries.

This Cabernet Sauvignon from California is drinking very nicely now as a 4 year old, with nice complexity and mouthfeel.

Good right out of the bottle and very fruity. Better after 90 minutes of airtime, when tannins and some more structure come in. Good by itself as a sipping wine.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Sonoma County 64%, Lake County 29% and 7% from Napa County.

14.5% alcohol by volume.

91 points.

— 15 days ago

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The Brewing Projekt

Resist Milkshake IPA

We are drowning our sorrows in a comfort beer with a Cuban on the side. It can’t all be wine. — 21 days ago

Mark Freund
with Mark
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Rogue Ales

Batsquatch Hazy India Pale Ale

Merengue and lemon type pie haze trending toward gelèe. Top reflects the yellow highlights between large bubbles. Paul Klee meets the amoebae lacing. Honeycomb wax, meyer lemon, fruitcake pineapple, clean, fresh sliced white grapefruit, somehow sweet. Sunflower petals, corn flower, citrus flower, lime zest. Perfect mouthfeel has a tongue coating lemon marshmallow effect, with creamy citrus dichotomy, tangerine reduction of all its elements, lemon curd, grapefruit oil liqueur-ized, touches of citrus fruits shimmer into existence here then dim, to flare elsewhere on the palate. Clementine, navel orange, tangerine, kumquat, etc.; flashes. Bee pollen from citrus grove bees. Peach flower. Really decadent in its jewelry, but with an ivory milk-ness or banana smoothie as its catalyst. Somehow a cloudy sake in other ways, sweet and juicy, but balanced by the floral fang. .
#rougueales #Rogue #RougueBatsquatch #Batsquatch #hazy #hazyipa #ipa #hazyindiapaleale #beer #bier #biere #birra #ale #newportor #ORbeer #oregonbeer #rouguebrewing
— 8 days ago

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@David Kline Cheers 🍻

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Limited Edition 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale

Just translucent, reddish amber with a slightly off- white top evoking puffy clouds and sticky tendril lacing of carnivorous plants eventually arabesque. Light caramel malt smells overlay the lemon and pine, thyme and clementine-grapefruit. The extra touch of sweet malt rounds the citrus on the palate, and the grain shines briefly adumbrating the pine return. Pith of lime and grapefruit with a ginger sprinkle sustain the finish for a refreshing aftertaste with a ghost of basil. .
#sierranevadabrewing #SierraNevada40th #sierranevadahoppyanniversary #anniversarybeer #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #ale #chicoca #cabeer #norcalbeer
— 12 days ago

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Lakefront Brewing Inc.

Eastside Dark Lager

A snack before tonight's Packer game.

Bohemian dark lager, roasted malts, rich and smooth, off white head.

Not your everyday beer, more like Sunday treat beer. 5.8% Alc.
— a month ago

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@Dennis P. Dennis Go Packers Cheers 🏈
Sharon B

Sharon B

Go Packers!

Schramsberg Vineyards

J. Schram Champagne Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2010

Shay A

Finally getting around to posting wines from my annual Napa trip from two weeks ago. Always goes by quick! Lots of fun new stops this year.

Third year in a row to hang out with
@jesus g as he pours some amazing Schramsberg and JDavies wines for us. One of the best hosts in the entire valley! If you find yourself in Napa, don’t miss out on doing a tasting with him!

When pouring next to the Reserve, this always shows a much more brighter and tightly coiled profile (as expected with BdB). I’ve found that I enjoy the Reserve younger and the JSchram older (as it starts to channel similar Reserve tasting notes with more age). Lemon confit, buttered fresh biscuit, sea spray and grilled aromatics. The acid is almost racy, yet it still is amazingly commanding in how it evolves with complexity.
— 7 days ago

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Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Bretta Rosé Wild Ale 2017

Awesome...but only a small consolation after MSU lost to Wisconsin 64-63.😡 — 25 days ago

Phil Castellano
with Phil
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