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Carneros Chardonnay 2019

Ron R

Day 3 and this has just extended and expanded its wings. As it has evolved over the weekend, notes of butterscotch and raw cane sugar emerge. Such a wonderful expression of the valley, which many can afford to indulge.

Wagyu NY strip in the foreground after sous vide. Ready to be finished in our cast iron skillet with smoked sea salt 🤗
— a month ago

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Jay Eagan

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Love the Love the Chardonnays thatTor eggs!

Old Westminster

Skin Contact Piquette White Blend

NV. Skin contact wine spritzer that has a little sweet, a little funk, and pairs perfectly with super crispy Korean fried chicken wings! — 3 months ago

Aviator Brewing Company

3 Bones


Kolsch - pretty solid as accompaniment to some hot wings! — 6 months ago

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Tocco Magliocco

Paired very well with pizza & chicken wings — 7 months ago


Lodi Red Table Wine Red Blend 2019

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love these Red Table Wines produced by Sandlands. They’re not fussy and deliver the goods when you need a versatile red wine to pair with a variety of meals. The only trouble is, I can never seem to get my hands on enough of them! Some quick notes over dinner: Popped and poured, bright and fresh bramble fruits on the nose with medium+ intensity. On the palate, a mixed fruits set with blue, black and red fruits all playing nicely together. Medium tannin and medium acid. Finish is also medium. Worked well with chicken wings and corn on the cob. — 2 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Always seeking a paring to corn on the cob, preferably grilled!

Les Lunes Wine

California Astral Blend 2020


5 mics. Drank with Greek wings and preparing strawberry ice cream and bacon before the olds came POSTCOVID June 2021 — 5 months ago

La Pelle Wines

Alluvium Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Ron R

Back with my soulmate after spending a week out of town. This is tight and in need of bottle age. 4 hrs after opening, it’s begun to spread its wings. Even better 2 - 3 years from now — 6 months ago

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Ron R

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Agreed, @Mark Farrell. Need to source s few more bottles to lay em down.
Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell

@Ron R It looks like The Find - Danville, has a couple of cases of this in stock. I think they also have the La Pelle Cenzia and Red Hen, as well. If you like Paso Rhone blends, they also offer some great wines from Full Draw.
Ron R

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Thanks @Mark Farrell. I’ll take a look and see what’s going. I like going to these retailers, as they break down the three-packs, so you can buy a smaller quantity. I loathe spending a large sums of money on wines I haven’t tasted.


Organic Syrah 2018

Quite a complex nose to this 2018 Biodynamic Syrah from Reyneke, and one that immediately positions this wine some way above its asking price. Blackberry, macerated cherry, fig and smoky bacon steal the show, with singed cigar, black peppercorn and fresh green pepper in the wings.

Deep, inky palate with more than a nod to Cornas, with its savoury flavours of grilled meat and fairly rich profile - this is young, and wants a couple more years in bottle to better integrate. Promising stuff.
— 3 months ago

Cascadia Liquor

Wanderlust Rosé

Crisp acidity and not too sweet. Notes of strawberry and raspberry with hints of rosemary and thyme to cut the sweetness. Pairs well with BBQ, chicken wings, or Greek salad. — 3 months ago

Mauritson Wines

Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2018

Been a long time since I had a Mauriston Zin and I missed it! Yea, there Rockpile is even better but this is excellent. Many may enjoy beer with smoked chicken wings but try this Zin. Flavors melded wonderfully with our two different BBQ ribs, tannins were medium, very smooth for such a young vintage, and the pepper flavors seemed to accent the spices in the food. — 5 months ago

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