Texas, Usa

Jester King Brewery

Lagered Farmhouse Beer

Only Jester King beer that I liked. This is more like a Belgian ale a little sweet and a little sour — 24 days ago

Fall Creek Vineyards

Ex Terra Salt Lick Vineyards Tempranillo

Mourvedre. Davids 30th birthday May 30 2020 — 4 days ago

Spicewood Vineyards

The Good Guy Red Blend 2016

Awesome dark red spicy and fruity Texas Hill Country red wine blend. Great wine — 13 days ago

Becker Vineyards

Reserve Texas Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2017

Very nice blend - essences of chocolate, spices, and fruit. Definitely recommended. — 5 days ago

The Austin Winery

Pink Salt Albariño Blend Rosé 2019

A super creative and stellar dry rosé. Bright, crisp and lightly fruity. — 18 days ago

The Austin Winery

One Elm Vineyard Tempranillo Nuevo 2019

Light and refreshing with a touch of carbonic funk. Super creative and great with smoky pork ribs. — 20 days ago

Spicewood Vineyards

Tenny Wren Red Blend 2016

A wonderful, bold, ready-to-drink scrumptious TX Hill Country red wine — 4 days ago

Ab Astris

Texas Malbec 2016

A wonderful bold Malbec from a wonderful new addition to the TX Hill Country family of wineries — 13 days ago

William Chris Vineyards

Timmons Estate Mourvèdre

May 25 2020 at home with Pita and Davis — 8 days ago

Southold Farm + Cellar

Love Just Because Dolcetto 2019


LOVE Just Because - Southhold Farm + Cellar 2019 Dolcetto Texas Hill Country
Prominent rosy floral nose. Acid and tannins. Not at all sweet. Cherries, melon, tannins and earthy stems. A little bit of cedar and meaty notes. Flavors unfold gradually on the tongue as you sip and savor. Beautiful translucent light ruby color. Slightly cloudy, but NOT inky or opaque. Tasty. The sharp acidity paired well with a spicy fresh homemade pizza. Not gulpable - makes you drink it slow, enjoy all the flavors.
— 25 days ago