Texas, Usa

Texas Ale Project

100 Million Angels Singing Double IPA

If you ever see anything from Texas Ale Project (TAP) on store shelves, you shouldn't ask logical questions like 'is this my kind of beer?' or 'do I have enough money in my checking account since I don't get paid until Friday?' or 'is this going to be good in the 180 degree heat index of my car while I make 6 more stops between here and the house?' or 'why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?' (exception: Dallas, where everyone is always parked on driveways, tollways, freeways, parkways, etc). The questions you need to ask are 'how much do they have?', 'can it all fit in my car?', and 'can those other six stops wait until I at least get home and put this all in the beer fridge?'. And then buy a metric ton of it. Or a 4-pack if you have a Smarte car. And then get home and find that the hops are perfectly integrated. Pine, citrus, perfectly balanced. Now there's a third thing to like about Dallas. 100 million angels singing indeed. Well done TAP! β€” 13 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Argh, Dallas traffic, almost worse than Atlanta.
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Severn Goodwin you must have been going down the one Dallas freeway that was actually moving above 20 miles per hour on a Sunday at 6 a.m.


Original Southern Style Gin

πŸ’― Corn 🌽 Mash. Orange, lemon, cardamom, mint, coriander, juniper. β€” 11 days ago

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Kuhlman Cellars

Escondido Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Good SB at a rather solid price that almost makes you feel like you're stealing it from the vineyard. The nose of this wine is lemongrass, some herb, hint of wet rock. Enters with sharp acidity, lemon rind, kiwi, limestone influence, a little bit of tropical character. Really nice hot weather poolside sipper. Considering our heat index is still near 100, these couple of bottles will serve a very nice purpose. This would go well with lemon sherbet. This is sort of a new offering for Kuhlman and so far this particular release has remained very solid. β€” 15 days ago

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Stephen Pierron

Stephen Pierron

@Mark Flesher Perhaps, that's why I like Calais so much aside from their fantastic wines! I always prefer to give my business to people such as Ben. I think French winemakers are the only hope for good Texas wine. I might be heading out that area next month and will pay a visit to Kuhlman. Any that are a must try? Thanks Mark!
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Stephen Pierron it sort of just depends on what they have open. They have an informative food pairing tasting that you have to register for usually a few weeks in advance. I would recommend that tasting to the standard tasting that usually is not as informative. All of their white wines are solid. Their reds are mostly good, but there are some misses.

Llano Estacado

Winemaker's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Tempranillo 2017

Hints of vanilla. Great with black pepper cheese. β€” a month ago

Fredericksburg Winery

Texas Trebbiano 2017

Very nice, clean clear and crisp white. Great for a warm October evening. Picked this up when visiting Fredricksburg and will pick up more on the next pass through. β€” 5 days ago

Bending Branch Winery

Newsom Vineyard Texas High Plains Tempranillo 2013

Texas Tempranillo. Plum and leather with a spicy finish. Score one for tejas viticulture. β€” 9 days ago

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Balcones Distillery

Classic Edition #1 Texas Single Malt Whiskey

Similar notes. Would buy again at $70, not at $110. β€” 5 days ago


Southern Style Lemonade

Lavender and lemon πŸ‹ β€” 11 days ago

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