Sonoma County Syrah


Russian River Valley Syrah 2005

Ron R

Stellar. Huge surprise. Jammy nose, with fig paste. Lovely texture and balance on the palette. Notes of honey, coffee and hints of tobacco. This still has runway. — 9 days ago

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Bill Bender

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Miss you big man

Kosta Browne

Amber Ridge Vineyard Syrah 2004

Remarkable wine, less than 350 cases of this were made and we feared it may have been a goner. The cork was intact, perfect. Beautiful ruby color in the glass, spice, black fruits and tannins softened over the years all integrated nicely. What a treat to have a glass if this tonight. — 16 days ago

David AdamsMichael Mathews
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Peay Vineyards

Les Titans Estate Sonoma Coast Syrah 2014

Still young and tight but shows enormous potential. Blackberry, blueberry, lavender, meat, iron and pepper. Lots of structure and a touch of oak that will come together in time — 6 days ago

Christopher Tynan Wines

Judge Family Vineyard Syrah 2013

Shay Aldriedge

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Y’all should read Parker’s review on this wine.
Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher

I don’t see a review for the Syrah, only the Cabernet
Shay Aldriedge

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@Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher : You are correct. I saw the label and thought cab.


Sonoma Hillsides Syrah 2016

The ratings below from Steve Matthiason and Raj Parr tell you everything you need to know about this wine. 2 heroes of California wine singing its praises. On Pax’s recommendation I opened one early, I immediately regretted that decision. Not because it’s not good, it is fact VERY good but I wouldn’t come to find that out until I had it open for SIX days. It took that long for the layers and layers of fruit to peel back to reveal the structure underneath. I can only rate now based on day 6, but in 10 years I might be able to go 100pts just like Steve did. — 24 days ago

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Paul Hobbs

Kick Ranch Vineyard Syrah

Amazing as always! Even better in a Magnum. — 17 days ago

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Kobler Family Vineyard Syrah 2014

Nice, as always. Not the most complex Syrah you’ll ever have, but a darn good one nonetheless. — 6 days ago

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Eric Kent Wine Cellars

Syrah Kalen's Big Boy Blend 2009

Wine of the day, in my opinion. Or WOTD IMO. 😂 This wine usually needs a decant but with 8 years under her belt, she was a pop and pour delight. A bright, fresh bouquet from the glass and a mouthwatering acidity were refreshing after so many mature wines tonight. This was fantastic and evidence that patience is often rewarded. — 16 days ago

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with David and Michael
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Syrah 2014

Love the couple that produces this fine Syrah. Continued prayers for those affected by the fires.

Syrah is one of my boys when I step away from my Napa Cabs and this one does not disappoint. The dark fruits and tanins are very present. I recommend enjoying this wine slightly chilled while cooking up a big pot of homemade chicken soup.
— 13 days ago

Quill Wines

Bismark Mountain Ranch Syrah 2007

Catches one off guard on initial taste which displays dimension and a depth of notes including rich plum followed by oak. Very memorable! — 9 days ago