Sonoma County Pinot Noir

La Crema

Shell Ridge Pinot Noir 2015

Interesting... I'm fairly new to PN. But this is clearly atypical. The color is a medium to deep purple. There are lots of oak notes on the nose. Strong vanilla, biscuits, wood, and a little animal/meatish. Underneath, is a slight mint tea note, and an unripe version of licorice. On the palate, it's a bit more like a Pinot Noir, but still very atypical. It's medium plus body, light acidity, light-med tannins. Finish is decent. To me this is unlike what I'm used to from La Crema, but I like it. This is likely because I'm a big red drinker. Not sure others would agree.

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— 6 days ago

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@M. Christopher Roebuck M great review and pic. Do I see a little snow ❄️ Cheers 🍷
M. Christopher Roebuck

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No more snow @P A ! It finally is warming up here in Baltimore.

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@M. Christopher Roebuck M. Sounds crazy but we love the snow up here and hate to see it go Cheers ⛷

Merry Edwards

Tobias Glen Pinot Noir 2006

Catching up on things...A nice Pinot. However, I think this would have probably been better one or two years ago. And certainly has enough weight and character. But, the fruit notes on this one have become a little bit muted, maybe potentially generic and tart? Edwards Pinots to me have never seemed to be overly sweet and even a tad bit tart and herbal. Didn't get much of the herbal side. More of a dirty, tart fruit. Finished with minimal acidity. Drink now. — 12 days ago

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Kosta Browne

Keefer Ranch Pinot Noir 2009

09’ Kosta Browne Keefer Ranch. Full - Bodied. Very close to a Pop & Pour(20 minutes in the glass) The acidity calms down. This is simply got the stuffing.
Well- built PN. Nose- Bold perfume scents, cherries,raspberries .
Palate - Rich plum, black cherry, cola gummy’s, moderate tannins, balanced acidity, subtle oak, silky quality. Classy Pinot! Drink them up in the next 4/5 years.
Edit - This is 10 years young. After an hour + in the glass, it really struts it’s stuff. Tremendously well-made. Had a tons of KB‘s in my cellar in the early 2000’s. Wouldn’t surprise me if somebody pulled this out in 2029 & thought it was amazing.
— 17 days ago

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David L

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@Laith A Thinking this is the second sale of KB?
David L

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@Joe Lucca @Joe Lucca Who doesn’t love Haribo cola gummies! 😋
Laith A

Laith A

@David L yes.. they were bought out by JW Child before Duckhorn!


Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2014

My first bottle I tried using the Coravin Model 2 Elite 👍 Remember to enter the competition I posted on Saturday on Instagram for your chance to win one also 🤞 Drinking well young @ £80 but should improve a little letting the dry tones soften 😁

🥧 Paired w/ Mrs Es homemade Chicken & Mushroom Pie w/ Dauphinoise Potato (scroll for pic ⏩)

📍 Kistler Sonoma Coast 2014

🏵 92 points w/ more potential maybe

🍇 Pinot Noir

🍷 Clear deep ruby w/ a purple hue

👃 Earthy spiced red cherry & dirty blackberry bramble bush through soft smokey herbs w/ light oak, red roses & hints of gasoline

👄 Med body of creamy smooth ripe earthy blackberry & red cherry cola w/ raspberry, strawberry, light dry minerals & a hint of cocoa

🎯 Long touch dry blackberry, cherry & red fruit earthy gooey linger
— 10 days ago

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Ferren Wines

Silver Eagle Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

13’ Ferren Silver Eagle PN. I’m all in on Winemaker Matt Courtney!
1st vintage. FULL - BODIED
Wild raspberry, cherry, roasted cranberries , dried herd, throw in a modest helping of acidity & spices. You have yourself a winner.

This is complex PN with intense structure. Wouldn’t pour this for a “crowd” of Sonoma Pinot lovers. It’s not for everybody. Bruiser of a Pinot to say the least!
Decant for 1 -2 hours. Drink or hold 6/8 years.
— 15 days ago

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David L

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All these wines are from the same vineyard. Haven’t had any of these wine from this vineyard in sometime. It does remind me a little bit of the DuMol , Wayfarer styles
Bryan Kesting

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@David L My first purchase was with the 14’s. Looking forward to them...great notes.
David L

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@Bryan Kesting Matt will continue to source even better fruit. The years will only benefit him. He’s someone to follow for sure.

Alquimista Cellars

Van der Kamp Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

Glorious vintage. Classic Van Der Kamp smoke, roasted meat and strawberry. — 5 days ago

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Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2017

Wow! A great nose of those classical twigs and branch berries.

This continues on into the palette with some ripe strawberry and herb. Tinges of that Cali fruit full and bold in the glass. The ripe fruit is very well tempered by this crafted Pinot. Tea tannins wrap this up into one of those lingering fruit finishes, skipping rope with lowquat like acidity.
Another great gift from
@Les Doss
Thanks Les!
— 14 days ago

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@MaJ CappS Great producer with consistently great wines Cheers 🍷
MaJ CappS

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@P A Eyes wide open now!

Ultramarine Wines

Charles Heintz Vineyard Blanc de Noirs Pinot Noir 2014

Dry, to the bone. So much there was nugget, ah smintch of oxy? No can’t be. — 3 days ago

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Rita's Crown Pinot Noir 2015

Ron R

Big, bold and expansive. Heavily extracted and full throttle. Built like the winemaker... — 5 days ago

Andrew MooreRick K
with Andrew and Rick
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Laith A

Laith A

I need to try this!!

Hirsch Vineyards

San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir

Their best so far - reminds me a little of a Chambolle. This wine needs 1h to show. Raspberry and tart Cranberries quite chalky. Just 12.5%. No formal notes as I had this over lunch with a friend who after 17 years left for Boston. Highly recommended and yes in regards to all the negativ comments this is a wine of elegance and floral notes - not at all a big Cali Pinot. A benchmark wine which I take back to Europe to show of. — 20 days ago

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Joe Davant

Joe Davant

One of my favorites!