Sonoma County Chardonnay


Charles Heintz Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Shay A

Heintz fruit is some of my favorite and for some reason, it’s normally easy for me to identify, this being no different. I always get an overload of guava with Heintz Chardonnays, like this one, on the nose. Big aromatics of roasted Meyer lemon and ripe tropical fruits. Oak isn’t a star here, as the acidity takes center stage. Sharp and focused down the middle. Apricot, underripe pineapple and lemon oil on the palate. 13.2 ABV. I know Littorai picks super early, so it’s impressive that they are able to get this beautiful amount of pure fruit.

I followed this over 2 days and day 1 was sharp acidity and led me to believe this needs another few years to integrate. Day 2, the acidity mellowed and the fruit really warmed and became very perfumed. I’d probably hold, but no harm in opening now if you have time to follow/enjoy it.
— 7 days ago

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MacPhail Family Wines

Gap's Crown Chardonnay 2013

13’ MacPhail Gap’s Crown Chardonnay. Medium- Bodied
Palate- Yellow/ green apple, pineapple, toasted almond. Hint of vanilla frosting?!?Light oak & acidity. Trying to show off, not typical? Struggling between old world style/new world appeal. Drinking now.
— 9 days ago

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Robert Young Estate Winery

Chardonnay 2016

This wine does a good job of walking the tightrope between mineral driven and rounded. This wine has a nose of peach, citrus, some brioche. Enters very rounded: mango, honeydew, peach. This wine then goes to more of a mineral-driven middle with a steely character. Finishes with a sharp acidity, lime. Went really well with herbed chicken and an apple-cheddar-shallot-spinach salad with olive oil dressing. The remaining chards will be held a little longer. This wine is not as complex as the Barrel Reserve Chard for sure, but is a solid wine considering the price. — 15 days ago

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Reuling Vineyard Chardonnay 2009

Though heavy and manipulated, more energetic and slightly brighter than the Lauren disappointment @Bill Bender @Michael Meyer opened a few weeks ago. — 11 days ago

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David L

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Thinking the 09’s from Mark in 750’s have seen better days. IMO... Cheers
Bill Bender

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Still nice to hear a check in
Michael Meyer

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So I’m not hearing the resounding kudos expected from a younger vintage. This is a telling indictment of older Aubert.


McCrea Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

Shay A

This was very much in the savory style so I’m not sure if it’s due to age or just the style (not a lot of experience with this Kistler chard). Sea salt, popcorn kernel, grilled lemon and baked peach pie. Lovely texture and acidity. The ‘10 Aubert Lauren it was poured alongside had more of the rich, sweet lemon cream notes, so that may have highlighted the savoriness here. — 5 days ago

Mark FlesherDan Fitzgerald
with Mark and Dan
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Eastside Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2017

Medium lemon-green; medium plus intensity aromas of lemon curd, white peach, pineapple custard, organic earth, funk; dry, medium acid, medium alcohol, medium plus body, medium plus intensity flavors of lemon curd, underripe stone fruit, funk, organic earth, pineapple custard; long finish, concentrated flavors, complex fruit and creamy texture, outstanding — 4 days ago

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Maxem Wines

UV Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

Katherine Bordelon

This wine hails from the prestigious Sonoma UV Vineyards. It’s smooth and elegant. Maxem Chardonnay is truly the best of the best of California Chard. Enjoy on it’s own now or paired with cheese, fish or pork. Cheers my friends.l — 13 days ago

Edmond Bordelon
with Edmond
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David L

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I’ll have to revisit this. Very much enjoyed the winemaker. Didn’t get the same reaction you did. So I’m excited to try it again. Cheers, all the best-


Lucky Well Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Chablis from Sonoma. The layers appear at different temps and with some air. Bright Granny Smith and Fuji Apple. Fresh squeezed lemon. Crushed and powdered white river stones. White grapefruit. Pine nut. Lemon curd and orange marmalade. Oyster shells. Under ripe tropical fruits. Sea salt. Lightning bolt acidity electrifies your palate and puckers your cheeks. This will go toe to toe with Raveneau or Dauvissat without blinking. — 11 days ago

Diana L
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Bill Bender

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This stuff is the real deal. Thanks for the intro @Joe Lucca
David L

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Agree with @Bill Bender Thanks again @Joe Lucca


Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2017

Ron R

This is a model of restraint. Nice, pronounced nose of peach, butterscotch and almond. Palate has depth, but isn’t heavy. Nice body profile, with soft round edges. Displays the typical Bacigalupi signature of white, exotic fruits with texture and complexity. Medium acidity completes what is an elegant, yet delicate presentation. This is just released, so it may bulk up in the medium-term. I would have preferred a little more extraction.
Footnote: My tiler rocks. Removed a tile. The plumber fixed his screw up, and I’m now left with no evidence of a crime. Wifey loves me once more...
— 13 days ago

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I don’t understand how that doesn’t result in a big mess??
David T

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@Ron R This photo seems to at least show some progress after your last?
Ron R

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@TheSkip, water needs to impact perpendicular to the stone, then it will follow the contours of the stone - it’s ingenious. @David T, much progress. Just need faucets now, and the leak from the toilet needs resolving. Powder room is close to a wrap 😏

Kalin Cellars

Cuvée LV Sonoma County Chardonnay 1995

Golden, soft, honeyed, slightly oxed. Classic aged kalin. Good — 6 days ago

Bex GreenGregg GRick K
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Norman Gennaro

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Glad to see you liked it. I’ve found them interesting in an intellectual way but that’s it.