Forlorn Hope

Nacré Yount Mill Vineyard Sémillon 2012

I’m a believer in terroir, but this wine, which is an absolute ringer for Chablis, throws everything in question. If this were grown at Rorick with its limestone that would make sense, but semillon from the Napa valley floor? Out of the bottle it’s quite lithe, showing lemon and a bit of seashell minerality, but with an hour of air it begins to show some crisp apple and white stone fruit, and some white flower. Lovely, unusual wine. Enjoyed with grilled salmon and salad. — 7 days ago

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De Bortoli

Sauternes Botrytis Semillon 1982

Ron R

The color in the glass is a dead giveaway of the age of this sticky. Hints of charred oak and tobacco on the nose and palate, but overall, this is singing. Not overly sweet, but still presents a uncommon structure and density. — 21 days ago

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Laith A

Laith A

Wow! That looks amazing!
Bob McDonald

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@Ron R Yes Ron - Lakes Folly was legendary particularly when Dr Max Lake was making it. Such a good site even for the current winemaker I’m sure they still make great wine even though Max has passed. I met him once. He made a speech about pheromones in wine. A funny old bugger.
Clive McNish

Clive McNish

That looks great

Mount Pleasant Wines

Lovedale Sémillon 1998

1998 vintage - honey gold and beautiful. Fantastic specimen of aged Australian Semillon. — 13 days ago

Newfound Wines

Yount Mill Vineyard Sémillon

Touch of diesel on the nose... but blowing off. Huge saline almost seaweed note... big, bold white. Wow... real weight, green/white peach note, wooly note, very dry. Really unusual, really good. Interesting to see where this goes... reminds me of older Hunter Valley Sems from Australia. Note to self: buy more. — 9 days ago

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Torbreck Vintners

Woodcutter's Barossa Valley Sémillon 2017

Pale gold late afternoon. I'm walking downhill by a narrow stream of water. I can almost grasp the mineral oxygen sparkling everywhere the torrent gurgles hitting the stones bed.

The air is so fresh in the valley, the flowers still unformed but spicy. My nose picks up a trace of wet rocks on the edge of the flow being stroked by the current.
Passing by a farmhouse I notice a peach tree with overripe fruits fallen on the rocky soil. I pick up a little apricot from a small tree to caress the velvety skin.

From the open door of the stone house breaks a bright flavor of a lemon cake just before being baked in the company of a bit of ginger and butter.

I will keep that sparkling citrus and drizzly pebbles on the sides of my mouth for the rest of the way. Vino Buono.
— 11 days ago

Mother Rock Wines

Force Celeste Swartland Cinsault

Mother Rock again?! Quarantine wine #something. earthy, slight effervescent, minerally. — 12 days ago

Kalin Cellars

Livermore Valley Sémillon 2001

When it sings... Wow! This probably Terry's best cuvee, his Chardonnays are great but this is just something special and to me the best new world example for semillon. — 7 days ago

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Myriad Cellars

Tofanelli Vineyard Sémillon 2019

Still prefer the Mcgah, but this was better than the last bottle I had. — 6 days ago

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David L

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Better by the end of summer
Brandon Thurber

Brandon Thurber

Believe you’re right, @David L. Two months can be a game changer for this one.

Dirty & Rowdy

Napa Valley Sémillon 2019

Definitely cloudy gold in the glass. Skin and concrete egg fermented. Funky mushroom forest floor notes on the nose. Dry, medium weight, saline and a long slinky finish. These wines share characteristics with”natural” wines in a good way. Cries out for hummus, feta and Mediterranean cuisine. — a month ago

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Fine Disregard Wine Company

Napa Valley Sémillon

I Nell

Need to revisit, I remember it was excellent — 2 months ago