Raventos I Blanc

Nicolas Joly

Clos de la Bergerie Savennières Roche aux Moines Chenin Blanc 2014

Holy Joly! A gorgeous, glossy golden hue that’s slightly cloudy in the natural, Joly way. A beautiful perfume of orange citrus and honeysuckle. Wild but not funky. Not even sure of that makes sense but I think you would get it once you smell it. On the palate it’s marmalade and heavily bruised apple...reminds me a lot of the 2013 I had earlier this year...but more powerful. The snappy acidity gives it a long, long finish. I adore these wines. — 8 days ago

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Vie di Romans

Piere Sauvignon Rive Alte Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Might be best in class when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc. This was a wine that I held onto very intentionally for almost all of 2019. So it’s an appropriate choice to close out the year. Went to a very delicious — and pretentious — tasting of Vie Di Romans’ offerings at Houston Wine Merchant. (I mean, come on you bow-tied assholes, you’re drinking this shit for free.) The Barolo was superb, but at $125, out of my price range. Hadn’t had an SB from Italy before and it seemed dry as hell, not my preferred grape but I wanted to stick it to these d-bags who thought I was (in my assuredly homeless-chic outfit) not good enough for what was being poured. So I bought it, and I’ll admit when this hit the decanter tonight and that nose smacked me in the face and it just reeked of some $10 bullshit from New Zealand, I thought, oh no, what a prideful mistake this was. Instead, what a treat. Yes the nose is unmistakably S.B. but the fruit is all olfactory, this friend has the dry minerality of an A- white from Burgundy or Alsace. I guess what I’m saying is, may we all be less prideful in 2020. Cheers! — 19 days ago

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Sam Shepard

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Hell yea!!!!
Brendan Devine

Brendan Devine

Review of the year!!!

Roland Tissier

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2018

🙈 tasting 3rd wine
at wset level 2 course (3rd meeting)

pale 🍋👀

green fruit, apple, citrus, some fresh herbs and hints of tropics.

high acidity.
medium body.

citrus and green fruit 👄

long and pleasent 🎯

i was guessing a typical french sauvingon or a deceptional new world chardonnay.

wasn't complex enough but to my liking.
— 7 days ago

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Villa Maria

Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2018

🙈 tasting 5th wine
at wset level 2 course (3rd meeting)

pale gold 👀

guava, lychee, grass and some 🍯 👃

high acidity.
medium body.

citrus and tropics 👄

long 🎯

it was easily understood that this is the typical outstanding kiwi sb.

i loved it.
— 7 days ago

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Von Winning

I In Deidesheim Pfalz Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Schöner Antrunk zur UBBBP Vol 30 — 15 days ago

Niels IndefreyDon Simon
with Niels and Don
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Thibaud Boudignon

à François(e)... Anjou Chenin Blanc 2013

Consistent and persistent. Oak adding a really nice softness and charm to this typically electric mineral monster. I let this sit around for a few years and still it seems like this would hold for a very very long time, nonetheless gotta say the few years added a nice integrated depth that I appreciate. — 22 days ago

L.A. Cetto

Chenin Blanc 2017

I like. It is soft in a friendly way with enough acid to not be mad if (omg) you are drinking with some spicy thangs. Also if you aren’t gonna numb yourself with heat go ahead and take note of the melon, wet stones and myriad citrus going onnnnn. — 5 hours ago

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Chenin is so yum

Tablas Creek Vineyard

Esprit Blanc de Tablas Roussanne Blend 2017

This wine has a nose full of lemons, limes and that good Paso Robles minerality. There is a nutty angle that plays in, too, but not as strongly as I anticipated given the presence of Roussanne. The palate is tasty and ripe, with citrus taking the lead ahead of those minerals. It’s a great white wine for winter, with a touch of warming oak. Pair it with root vegetable dishes or any kind of fish.
— 16 days ago

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@Randy Fuller Randy nice post Cheers 🍷
Randy Fuller

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Thanks, P A!

Domaine Vacheron

Sancerre Le Paradis Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Domaine Vacheron, as per usual, does not let down. I am more impressed with the price/quality levels of the AVA Sancerre for its crisp freshness but intrigueing simplicity. But this is truly "Turn't Up like a Mutha Truckah". Slate Chalkrock and bright fruit tones of white cherries. Mineralogy and acidity roided out on this. Crisp yet rich. Bomb bomb level 5 — 14 hours ago