Pierce Ranch Vineyards

Nickel & Nickel

C.C. Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Bottle a case on release of mixed Cabs from N&N. The first few bottles that we opened gave me buyers remorse. Wine was flat. As i got through the years, the wine developed beautifully. Now, this was my last bottle of the case. It was glorious. Tannins evened our and from nose to first sip and Long finish, it was a pleasure. Patience is a virtue. It’s true — 3 days ago

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Watson Ranch Chardonnay 2016

Really nice Chardonnay from Arnot Roberts! Viscous lemon and apples...flowers ..Creme Brulee...guava and minerals!
Balance is nice...no heavy oak while supporting a really nice fullness!
— 10 days ago

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David T

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Yes, it is. Just got more of their 15 Watson Ranch! So, good! 👍 Cheers!
Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@David T 🤗👍.....2015 was my favorite!
Dennis P.

Dennis P.

@Dawn E. sounds perfect.

Williams Selyem

Burt Williams' Morning Dew Ranch Pinot Noir 2016

Toasting the life of Burt Williams with this beautiful single vineyard Pinot. Medium body, low tannins, all the fruits...Cheers. — 2 hours ago

Jo Anne BKim Stanbro
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McEvoy Ranch 2018

Crushed by the ballerinas of the San Francisco Ballet, apparently — 7 days ago

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Desire Lines Wine Co.

Shake Ridge Ranch Syrah 2017

It’s pretty easy to over-do Syrah in this location. Desire Lines does a phenomenal job of keeping dessert-like pleasure and seriousness of terroir in check. Lifted and fruited like a modern northern Rhône or Cru beaujolais with a little less seriousness to boot but also this is young and booming. Held straight for 5 days. Get the feeling that this will resolve very slowly over time to show more what earthy and cool characteristics it has in its hand. This wine feels extremely stable and a kaleidoscope of possibilities lay herein. — 4 hours ago

Bergström Wines

Gregory Ranch Pinot Noir 2012

Another last bottle. Aging well. Had at least 5 more years. — 4 days ago

Jeff OrlowskiMichael Seely
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Nickel & Nickel

State Ranch Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Bright red fruit flavors (not jammy) with hints of dried herbs, tobacco and smoke. Minerals on the very long finish. Amazingly soft for such a young wine. — 2 days ago


Stanly Ranch Pinot Noir 2014

Full disclosure: I freaking LOVE the wines from Coho. Every one, and have become acquaintances with Gary Lipp (a fellow Clevelander and long-suffering. Browns fan)- who has been a major force in bringing this delightful estate to life. I’m a huge fan, so there’s that. Expectations are extremely high for this ‘14 Stanley Ranch Pinot. I’ve had seven vintages of this beautifully-sourced Pinot- and from ‘14 I’m expecting great things. And those things are present ;).
I didn’t decant, just a bit of a breathe and she’s already opening and evolving. Yes there’s “bing cherry”- but that’s only at the foundation of the structure, which is rounding-out and expressing itself with a serious and embracing intellect on the palate. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more interesting conversation with a California Pinot. The mid to the finish is my favorite element of the entire experience. It’s smooth as Hopper’s Blue Velvet, and yet delightfully defined.
— a day ago

Beth Zitzman
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Quivet Cellars

Kenefick Ranch Syrah 2017

Classic quivet Kenefick Syrah. Still prefer the whole cluster, but man this is good. — 2 days ago

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Nickel & Nickel

Suscol Ranch Merlot 2015

Full body, smooth, sort, mildly dry. Lots of plums and blueberries. Very nice. — 12 days ago

Michael SeelyJoe Roth
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