Old House Vineyards


Powder House Chardonnay 2019

Ron R

There are few Cali chards that compare to this. Outstanding presentation in every way. — 21 days ago

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LM Segal

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What’s up with Zalto? Been back-ordered since January!
Ron R

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Pandemic and the consequential supply chain challenges. They will both pass…

Bedrock Wine Co.

Old Vine Zinfandel

Full of flavor and easy to drink, a bit of spice and hints of leather, dark cherry, and tobacco. Paired wonderfully with duck breast. — 8 days ago

Klinker Brick

Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel 2018


After opening very smooth. Definitely buying another. — a day ago

Brys Estate

Pinot Noir-Riesling Blend

Amazing and interesting. Delightful fruit flavor without sweetness. — 9 days ago

House Spirits Distillery

Festlig Aquavit Krogstad

I actually got into this for a night or too. I like it on the rocks—one or two big ones. The caraway vibe is strong but there’s hints of licorice too. Appealing and refreshing. — a month ago

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March Wines

Redwing Vineyard Old Vine Riesling 2018

Second time having this wine. This wine is kicking off a long weekend in Nashville with me and the wife. Very good. Not giving the detailed notes I usually provide, because I just wanted to enjoy without analyzing. So I will standby my rating before. Glad I have a few more of these. — 22 days ago

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Old Vines California Zinfandel 2012

Great close to a strong night wine exploration! — 3 days ago

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Brick House

Ribbon Ridge Chardonnay 2019

Crystalline purity. Light and lemony. 12%. Dubs in 6 — 17 days ago

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Dirty & Rowdy

Rosewood Vineyards Old Vine Mourvedre 2013

Raspberry, fallen leaves, rain water. Lovely balance, but this bottle seemed a bit over the hill — 16 days ago

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Bodegas Avanthia

Avancia Old Vines Godello

2018 - for $28 a very pleasing wine - papaya /pineapple , spiced (mail-lactic ferm . Aromas) butter med. minus acidity - medium bodied — 23 days ago

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