Morgon, Beaujolais

Domaine Calot

Cuvée Unique Vieilles Vignes Morgon Gamay 2004

16 year old beaujoulais! this was shy in the first 30 mins after popping the cork but afterwards it was a different story. the aged red fruit is just picture perfect and a lot of savory and floral notes here. definitely a “drink now” bottle in a really prime drinking window. happy to see what an old soul Morgon tastes like, it’s. a beauty — 4 days ago

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Louis Claude Desvignes

Javernières Morgon Gamay

Wayyy too early to open but couldn’t resist. Will snag another one and hold for ~10 years — 8 days ago

Marcel Lapierre

Cuvée Mathieu Morgon Gamay

02.20 2018 год. В аромате ноты барбариса, лаврового листа, кока-колы.
Во вкусе ноты черносмородинового листа, барбарис, немного ацетона, горечь лаврового листа и какой-то еще травы (типа кардамона). Ноты мела.
Инге не понравилось.
Я бы такое выпил бутылку один, хорошо. Можно с мамой, ей бы понравилось, очень сложное насыщенное вино.
— 18 days ago

Marcel Lapierre

Morgon Gamay 2018

Really nice, likely better with some age but even now quite delicious. First bottle was corked but this one had beautiful light red and flowers leaping from the glass. Delicious mouthfeel with a nice long finish. Very nice. — 15 days ago

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M. & C. Lapiere

Morgon Gamay 2014

Blossumed after two hours of decanting. Tart cherries, raspberries, and potting soil. Easy drinking and very rustic, best with food. 🍒🍒🍒 — 9 days ago

Matthew Cohen
with Matthew
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Domaine Chamonard

Le Clos de Lys Morgon Gamay 1997

Still got lots of acidity and light red fruit, but primary flavors are definitely fading. Enjoyable, but drink now. — a month ago

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Fabien Collonge

Morgon Corcellete 2011

Pretty good, fruit and some ham. Not strongly characteristic. — 17 days ago

Jean Foillard

Côte du Py Morgon Gamay 2015

Continuing my Gamay journey. This is more complex and rich and structured than some others from the region. Very nice indeed. — 14 days ago

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Tom Casagrande

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One of my favorite journeys!

Karim Vionnet

Grabuge! Demi-Sec Gamay Rosé

My wife thought it was too sweet. I thought it wasn’t sweet enough. Otherwise, the sweet sparkle went well for Valentine’s Day and s’mores. — 8 days ago

Marcel Lapierre

Julienas Gamay 2018

Nariz: fresa, frambuesa, cereza, regaliz

Boca: Tanino M, Acidez M, Alcohol M

Joven aun. Prefiero el Morgon de Lapierre.
— 2 days ago

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David T

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One of the “Gang of Four.” Hope you have a couple more bottles for down the road... 2-5 years. Cheers! 🍷
Juan Pablo Perez

Juan Pablo Perez

I drank this too young ... Unfortunately I don’t yet have proper wine storage in my new primary residence in Miami.