Montravel, Southwest France

Robert & Bernard Plageoles

Braucol 2017

This is my first taste of Braucol - the gritty unfiltered version. It’s inky from sediment but relatively lean like the last few sips of muddy french pressed coffee. It bounces back and forth between gravel, jet black soul, and bright red sour berries. Astringent sour notes of red cherries, pre-ripe blueberries, and wild blackberries. Interesting mix of components but not quite the depth and harmony of Plageoles Ondenc. — 10 hours ago

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Château Montus

Madiran Tannat Blend 2012

Old world, soft on the pallet, easy to drink, and can drink directly after opening. — 3 days ago

Mont Gravet

Côtes de Gascogne Colombard 2018

Semi-sweet, light and refreshing, good table wine — 15 hours ago

Domaine Le Roc

Cuvée Don Quichotte Fronton 2015

Violet, cherry, blackberry, pepper. This is a crazy nose. The palate is rather thin with a strong acid backbone. There is some matter and some bright black fruit all along, a bit of spice too but it's very easy going and on the length. Long floral finish with a pinch of fruit. Good stuff from my hometown. — 16 days ago

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Grande Maison

Cuvée Madame Monbazillac Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 1996

Not sure why someone gave this such a low rating. Not a great wine, but well made. Worked very well with a pork liver pate I made during the days of Covid. — 13 days ago

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Château de Mercuès

Cahors Malbec 2015

After visiting Cahors, I bought one of every different bottle I could find in VA. This is the closest, so far, to the EXCELLENT Malbecs I drank there. Yum! 2015 vintage. — 11 days ago

Château de Chambert

Cahors Malbec 2010

Wonderful... all the contributors are correct! Fine representation of the higher quality Malbecs from Cahors. Be sure to decant at least an hour. 2010 vintage, consumed during Coronavirus separation.. on our patio with med. rare filet mignon 😁 — 2 days ago

Alain Brumont

Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne Merlot Tannat

Trying a 50/50 Merlot Tannat for my final wine of Merlot March. Lots more acid and silky tannins than a straight Merlot, big red cherries on the nose and pallet with an almost oily smooth mouthfeel. Perfect with our meaty paella! #gotm2020 — 10 days ago

Fabien Jouves

Les Escures Cahors Malbec 2017

Delicious Malbec. Not too heavy, very drinkable. Beautiful color. — 2 days ago

Clos Siguier

Cahors Malbec 2016

gf sb

Nice slightly funky red from the share. Medium body no oak, very enjoyable — 11 days ago