Mclaren Vale, Fleurieu

Two Hands

Angels' Share McLaren Vale Shiraz 2018

This wine offers a nose of black and blue berries, shoe leather and a hint of black olives. It’s a deep, rich bouquet. The flavors are similarly dark, with berries leading the way again. Black pepper and a nutmeg note also appear, with the fruit staying long on the finish. There is a good tannic structure, easily enough for a steak or beef stew. The oak regimen was nearly all used barrels, so the oak effect is quite nice, not a bit overdone.
— 14 days ago

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BK Wines

Springs Hill Series Sparks Grenache 2015

Loved this, pulled from the cellar at the Crafers Hotel, SA. Last drink before going dry Feb. Paired with duck. Darker fruited with a bit more heft from some Syrah mixed in. Earthy, mild spice, dense, very whole bunch giving a gorgeous savoury tannic finish. Great food match. — 23 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Simon Gilligan Congratulations on going dry for February. Hope you make it.
Simon Gilligan

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@Bob McDonald Indeed! Deep breath, here we go.

Chapel Hill

McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark and dusty fruit — 15 hours ago

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Battle of Bosworth

McLaren Vale Shiraz 2009

Rich ruby/purple in colour. A very Aussie Shiraz Cabernet blend. Actual percentages 60/40. Red and black ripe fruits with mulberry and blackberry with a spicy chorizo type nose. Sweetish palate of blackberry. See previous notes for the partial “Amarone” treatment of the grapes. A full bodied red. This producer has been organic and biodynamic for some time in McLaren Vale. One of the 1001 Wines. — 19 days ago

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Catkin McLaren Vale Shiraz 2017

Lam S

When open the cap, plum aroma dashed out straight away. Dark berries, slightly oak. Medium to full body. Spice. Soft tannin, high acidity 8/10. Long lasting. Not very happy with the strong bitterness. Overall well balanced. Mastery wine aud$14.9 from danmurphy — 8 days ago

Chalk Hill Wines

McLaren Vale Fiano 2019

Honeysuckle flowers, followed by lovely preserved citrus white apricot and pan fried almonds and pecan nuts. Textural, clean with a dash of minerality. A great example. — 11 days ago

Dandelion Vineyards

Lion's Tooth of McLaren Vale Shiraz Blend 2017

16/20 (89/100) Аромат спелой ежевики, варенья из шелковицы, мускатного ореха, гвоздики и кожи. Довольно тельное и кислотное вино. Умеренно танинное. Терпкие ягоды во вкусе. Любопытное. — 14 days ago

Chateau Reynella

Vintage Port Blend 1974

This is what I mean when I say a treat...
Still young.. Always marvelous..
— 16 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Australia’s best VP I have always thought. The 1971 and 1975 were brilliant. Great for you to find an old example in good nick.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Bob McDonald i am with you, this is the best VP from down under, I have had quite a few different vintages and they were all outstanding 1968, 1971, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979 and 1980. I reckon there has been a little change in the making between 1975 and 76 and I probably prefer the older versions, but we are talking details. I wish I will be able to bring one of this back in Europe for some friends.


The Noble Wrinkled Riesling 1913

2018 vintage. Lots of botrytis character on this one. Bruleed pineapple, roasted apricot, fenugreek, guava preserves, nectarine skin, musk. — 8 days ago

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Oliverhill Winery

Jimmy Section McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014

Well balanced yet bold Shiraz. Was perfect with Kobe New York’s and truffle mash. Yum! — 8 days ago