Martin Müllen

Kröver Letterlay Riesling Spätlese** Trocken 2017

Nose is pink grapefruit and minerals. As this opens it is ethereal. Wow. Unique elegant perfume.

Liquid grapefruit soda with rocky minerals

Some Campari on the finish. Powdered Rocks made of petrified grapefruit.

Truly perfect. I need to just buy a case of every muellen wine. I always drink them all down.

Bought from fass selections
— 18 days ago

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Domaine de l'Oratoire St Martin

Haut-Coustias Cairanne White Rhone Blend 2012

Creamy and viscous, ripe stone fruit, and a long floral finish... Pairs well with immersive reading in a garden bursting with mums and fall blooms. — 13 days ago

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Domaine Lorenzon

Carline Clos des Champs Martin Mercurey Pinot Noir

Côte Challonnaise, the appendix of Burgundys esteemed golden slope, a necessary and much needed resort if you wish to drink decent and representative Burgundy’s without spending a fortune these days. The 2014 Bruno Lorenzo Cuvée is very true to its provenance, where the primary red fruit has just slowly started to retreat to give room for an earthy canvas of damp soil, dried leaves and truffle that we so much love with the true Burgundies. Six years after harvest it still has a long and happy life ahead, eventhough it drinks beutifully in its pre-mature stage as is today. more harmonazied than last encounter in December 2019 I would say.
Successfully paired with pan seared Salmon with red wine jus, and thinly sliced glazed beetroots.
— 14 days ago

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Martin Müllen

Trarbacher Huhnerberg trocken Riesling Spätlese* 2016

Lyle Fass

Gorgeous nose. Creamy, citrus, green tea, green tropical fruit, unripe mango, lime zest. So complex. Stunning. Ethereal. Texture. Juicy, elegance and refinement. Not really formal notes. — 15 days ago

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Peter Martin Ray Vineyard Chardonnay 2018

Can’t get enough of these chards. Just behind the Zephyr for me. — 13 days ago

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Crous St Martin

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2018

Wish we had a case! Last day of vacation on San Juan island with triple cut pork chops. They were out of lamb but this combo is more than ok. — a day ago

Martin Ray

Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Damn I should have bought a case of this from LB. Big dense fruit, bright, rocks, tannin. 13.7%. Looking forward to revisiting this down the road. — 14 days ago

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Martin Cendoya

Reserva Rioja Tempranillo 2009

Perfect elegant tapas wine. Balanced acidity and tannins, with fresh cherries even in the 2009 vintage. Plenty of olive and fresh green leafy herbs. Christmas spice herb-infused pomegranate. — 19 days ago

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Martin Ray

Pinot Noir 2018

Dark, smooth, fruity. — 2 hours ago

Rémy Martin

Fine Champagne Cognac

40 year old vinrage! Just perfect!!! — 13 days ago