Lazio, Italy

Le Coste

Ripazzo Lazio Procanico Malvasia

Great orange wine
I guess it might even be hard to reproduce
The must was fermenting for a year, but hadn't finished its work, so to give it a kick the man drops the skins used in the next year wine which had better luck with completing its own process.
It is a wine that has been helped from the future!!!
The result is so surprising and enjoyable
The wine is orange and brilliant
Fruity, mineral and full on on fermentative notes with a marvellous freshness that doesn't leave you alone.
Long...and need a magnum, I am telling you
— 9 days ago

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Frascati Trebbiano Malvasia 2019

Subtle, crisp. Slightly dry. — 23 days ago

Tenuta Monolo

Riserva Bramaterra Nebbiolo Blend 2000

Lyle Fass

Younger and more lively than the 1990. Nose has the hoisin, soy thing but it seems more youthful. Insane spice. So so good. Glorious spice, tar, leather and chestnut. There is major major umami on this nose. Layered, soupy and sappy also Groucho. And Harpo. A nose one can say is the epitome of Brameterra 9.6 nose for me. Insane freshness and purity. Like the most fresh thing you can imagine for a 21 year old wine. This is teeming with energy and freshness and just wow. This is the old person who can still run a 40 yard sprint and still compete with people 20 years their younger. Insanely insanely comlplex and the balance is just perfect. Has 10 years ahead of it. Wowsers. What a gorgeous wine. 1990 finish is longer but this is more complex.

Update. 2000 is much better than 1990. After two hours it is stunning and super expansive aromatically. 9.4 to 9.5.
— 12 days ago

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Le Coste

Ripazzo Bianco Procanico Blend 2018

Poor man’s Ageno. Beautiful color and floral nose with orange and tomato on the palate — 9 hours ago

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Quartara Giffoni Valle Piana Colli di Salerno Fiano 2016

Lyle Fass

Such a freak show. Just an insane wine. I’ll be in an asylum after a glass. The nose is like the best bath/body works you’ve ever smelled in your life. Tangerine blossoms. Tropical but not blowsy. Everything is mineral here. Even the tropical fruit. Citrus jelly and mint julep! White tea. This stuff is crazy. Hi end bubble bath now. Like “Mediterranean” flavor. If such a thing exists. (I googled it. It does). Palate is like a white hermitage. As good if not better than the 14. Excruciatingly awesome minerality, and dry, dry dry. Licking plywood dry. But long. But trust me it’s great plywood and you want the finish to be thing long as there’s really good citrus. Long. Just a superb showing. This has more to yield. It’s tannic as well. It’s the craziest Fiano ever. The harmony, finesse and white hermitage/white burg 1er cru quality push this to a 9.5. This is elite. Might get a 9.6 just for how to original this wine is. I’ll see how it opens. — 3 days ago

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Eric Urbani

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@Lyle Fass A lot going on there - can’t wait to try it. Available in the US?
Lyle Fass

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@Eric Urbani only through Fass Selections. I offer it usually twice a year.

Ca' di Prata

Brut Prosecco

This wine is fun in a bottle. The apple aromas on the nose translate directly to apple flavors on the palate. The bubbles are lively and festive, which is about all you can say about bubbles. It’s great as an aperitif, and it was great with some slightly peppery ginger cookies. Enjoy! — 4 days ago

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If You See Kay

Lazio Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Silky, slutty wine. C $15 — 4 days ago

Le Coste

Vino Rosso Sangiovese 2015


100% Sangiovese, from 2015. — 17 days ago

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Ca' di Prata

Rose Extra Dry Prosecco 2019

This pink bubbly offers a ton of froth, which dissipates rather quickly. The nose shows strawberries, cherries and red apples. The palate is fruity and fun, and there is more than enough acidity to make this a refreshing sip or a nice wine to pair with a salad or seafood dish. It’s also great with aperitif munchies or a cheese and salami plate. — 2 days ago

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Monastero Suore Cistercensi

Coenobium Lazio Bianco Trebbiano Blend 2015


Soft natural wine, not too sweet or acidic. — a month ago