Langhe, Cuneo

G.D. Vajra

Langhe Rosso Red Blend 2016

Picked this up from a nearby package store on Cape Cod for less than $20. I love drinking entry level wines from top producers. The fruit might not be their best but there is every ounce the same effort that goes into these wines as the better wines. If it has their name on the bottle, the wine had better be good for that category.

This Rosso is fruity and a little wild. Red fruits and some floral notes come through. Reasonable finish. It was rather lovely slightly chilled.
— 15 hours ago

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G.D. Vajra

Claré J.C. Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

Julian Lynch with a record that gets in your brain and won’t give it back. Accessible, but nuanced and one that demands you revisit. Often immediately. Same phenomena with this light, fruity take on Nebbiolo from Vajra. Summer things. — 16 days ago

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Giovanni Manzone

Rosserto Langhe Bianco 2015

Vegetal green aloe and barely noticeable smoke; like distant forest fire. Or like a great Tobala Mezcal. Apples, tangerine, plush. — 16 days ago

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Jay Kline

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I’ve been consistently impressed with this producer over the last decade or so...really good stuff.
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

Agreed @Jay Kline Great little value too

Olek Bondonio

Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

I thought this was the weakest of the Nebb during the night. Having said that, it was pure and balanced. Just lacking the stuffing of the others around it. Would drink it anyday!

NB: This is a declassified Barbaresco Straderi because Olek was in trouble with cash flow while finishing the construction of the new cellar; he decided to release this gem one year earlier! Long maceration in cement, aged in a large slavonian botte.
— 8 days ago

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Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Toetto Langhe Freisa 2016

Jasmine Hirsch

Fabulous. A little harsh on opening. Evolved nicely over a few hours. Even better the next day. I drank with a slight chill on the bottle. 😍 — 12 days ago

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Renato Ratti

Ochetti Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

Great Nebbiolo from the Langhe. Good value here. — 6 days ago

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Produttori del Barbaresco

Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

Dense toasted cherries with a really nice soft tannic finish. Better than a lot of Barbarescos that cost 3x as much. — 4 days ago


Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

Provides the stereotypical essence of Nebbiolo . Sottomano, to me is one of the best producers of Nebbiolo in Barbaresco. Plenty of cherry, underbrush and dried roses and violets. Ample tannins are matched by plenty of acidity. — 7 days ago

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Massimo Rattalino

Limited Edition Langhe Nebbiolo 2015

Lyle Fass

Special one time declassified Barbaresco. Stunning wine. Sick nose. Floral, swooning, tar, roses, spice, perfumed. So good. Chestnut. Wood shavings. Stunning purity. So juicy. My god this is unreal with so much accessible Nebbiolo fruit but is obviously declassified as there is a nobility to the fruit and the tannins. Awesome wine. What a value. — 16 days ago

Matthew Cohen
with Matthew
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Severn Goodwin

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@Lyle Fass It's that the Quarantadue (declassified) bottle? I still haven't been able to pick up my S19 shipment yet...So I don't know what the label looks like.

Fratelli Revello

Langhe Nebbiolo 2015

So far, the best Langhe Nebbiolo. No aging needed... At 4 years young, it's amazing how approachable this wine is. This deep red with a sly red-pink-tanning rim. A little rose on the nose. A hint of anise. The acidity is largely subsiding, tannins are firm and embracing. It's running down the glass gracefully. Add a slight vegetal aroma--rosemary?

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— 23 days ago

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