Frusinate , Lazio


´NFRASCATO Lazio Ottonese Moscato 2020

Wine that doesn't need intellectual talks
Easy drinking
3 days maceration for the Ottonese and 7 for the moscato
I wouldn't call this orange wine, but more of a sour beer like wine
I personally enjoy a lot this style, but i understand it might disappoint someone
Always interesting to see how they develop in few months
However Sete is a marvellous reality in the area and perhaps the first winery to give credit to the ottenese grape with determination and i personally i owe them that since i sincerely enjoy the results
— 6 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Great to be getting your reports from rural Italy from an Italian like yourself on local wines and in many cases wines that many of us would never see. Keep em coming Cecc, much appreciated.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Bob McDonald Thanks mate🙏
It is my pleasure😊

Cantina Ortaccio

Pocorosso Procanico Sangiovese

Funky and dirty. Incredible color. Absolute perfection. — 5 days ago


Chupa Cabra Ottonese Blend

Notes of peanut butter, citrus, muscat, sour — 17 days ago


Sabbia Vino Lazio Bianco 2020

Grapefruit and kiwi, ginger and clay
Just lacking the soft side to balance
Quite long and enjoyable with food
I don't mind it, bit I'd rather have the Alimento label from them
Still thumbs up and i am curious to have this bottle in 6 months time..just because
— 9 days ago

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Monastero Suore Cistercensi

Coenobium Ruscum Lazio Bianco Trebbiano Blend 2018

Glad I gave it a couple years — 8 days ago

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Marco Carpineti

Tufaliccio Lazio Sangiovese Blend 2020

Plenty of acid, but a light body. Huge amounts of jam and fruit, balanced by a bit of crushed rock. Yum! Goes down fast — 14 days ago

Poggio Vecchio

PUDDINGA Lazio Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Noch unentschieden, schöner Wein, ist am 01 01 21 bereits zwei Tage auf aber noch schlank abweisend in Nase und Abgang,warten wir ab ... — a month ago


Alimento Orange 2020

Just checking i was right with the first shot
An absolute ripper
I could swim in this
I float in the happiness of unpacking
...there also my Oz collection in the mix🤫🥰
— 4 days ago

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Piana Dei Castelli

Follia Sauvignon 2017

Not anymore a straight Sauvignon i got told
It has grechetto, riesling and perhaps trebbiano and malvasia too
It doesn't lose its marvellous mineral character
It resembles a Sancerre made with very ripe grapes, in fact there is a tendency with Matteo Ceracchi to harvest the Sauvignon at least, as far as I know, 10 to 15 days later than usual
Complexity benefits from this and still the wine doesn't lack freshness
It's long and promising
I am very happy i found a Matteo's wine so well made again after such a long time i hadn't tried it
Try it yourself if you can
Ps. I love the statement on the back label
OGNI BOTTIGLIA PUÓ ESSERE DIVERSA which translates to "Each individual bottle might be different"❤
— 24 days ago

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