Dry Creek Vineyard

A. Rafanelli

Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

“Let me tell you somethin’! Let me tell you...✋🏼. Don’t drink these now. Seriously. Just don’t. Five years from now? That’s probably okay. But not now. Unless...unless you are willing to decant for an extended period of time or slow-ox for three days. Patience will be rewarded however if you allow time to do its work. Only then do you get the classic Rafanelli of red and dark fruit with chocolate, coffee, tobacco and baking spices; executed in a most seductive fashion. Sound structure. The finish is long. This is a great vintage from Rafanelli with a long life ahead. Better after 2025. — 4 days ago

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Ellen Clifford

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I have such a hard time hanging on to Rafanelli! That being said had some aged—1980 something—at a restaurant recently and my goodness it was great
Jay Kline

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@Ellen Clifford Damn...that’s OG Rafanelli. I’ve only had their wines going back into the 90’s but I can imagine older stuff still hanging in there.
Ellen Clifford

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@Jay Kline definitely the oldest Zin I’d had! I double checked and it was a 1986. This restaurant Peppones has an amazing wine list with substantial deals, I think it cost us maybe 50 bucks.

Ravines Wine Cellars

Dry Rosé Pinot Noir 2018

Not getting a lot out of the nose. But such a nice rose- a little strawberry and finished bright and steely. Love Ravines. — 13 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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I like your style today! I tasted this off of tank, and do still have a couple bottles in the cellar for this summer.

Maison Dolin & Cie

Dry Vermouth de Chambéry

Off-dry, great aperitif. A favorite with a dash of angostura & citrus peel. — 13 days ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu
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Byron Hewett

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I just bought a bottle of this. Thanks for the note.
Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

@Byron Hewett our go-to apéro year-round, quite lovely

Hermann J. Wiemer

Seneca Lake Dry Riesling 2018

Vintage differences are a good thing. And with global warming, we’re losing so much of that, as every year seems to be uniformly hot and dry all over the planet. The FLX is one place, however, in which vintners battle the elements year-round, and the industry, fast thinking and resourcefulness this challenging climate requires separates the top class from the also-rans. All I have to say about this wine is that it’s both true to the chaotic nature of the FLX ‘18 growing season and an absolute accomplishment when simply evaluated as a bottle of quality dry Riesling. — 14 days ago

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Ravines Wine Cellars

Argetsinger Vineyard Dry Riesling 2015

Superb Riesling. Nose has tons of crushed slate and apple skin. Great fruit/mineral balance in the mouth. Concentrated but with zingy acids keeping it very fresh. — 7 days ago

Rebecca Anne CasagrandeAngelo Casagrande
with Rebecca and Angelo
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Heart & Hands Wine Company

Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2017

Intensely aromatic, pears, lychees, mangoes, eucalyptus.

Good overall structure. Fresh green leaves rustling in the spring breeze. Meadows of lush pears. Silk river on the tongue.


On a Riesling kick as of recent. Especially FLX.
— a day ago

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Three Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Black cherry, loganberry, raspberry, vanilla, plum and oak. Medium-bodied and moderate tannins. — 2 days ago


Nahe Medium-Dry Riesling 2014

A wine that can hold up to vinegar and lemon!!!!! I paired this with a vinegary meatball tomato broth and a lemony salad and it was perfect. So much acid. And it was still good. Also delicious on its own, after decanting in the fridge for a day. — 11 days ago

Nicolas OwensNathan Bakkum
with Nicolas and Nathan
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Nathan Bakkum

Nathan Bakkum

A mouthful of pears, but also mineral-y and dry. A big, round mouthful that cut straight through m’lady’s delicious food.
Nicolas Owens

Nicolas Owens

@Lyle Fass any more like this in the pipeline? All my bottles are gone! :-(
Lyle Fass

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Long gone. Was a one of deal.

Unti Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Vermentino

Great vermentino with crisp apple and melon notes. Nice acid and salinity — 14 days ago

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Kevin Løk

Kevin Løk

You getting douzo handies tonight or what???
Sam Shepard

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New batch?

Boundary Breaks Vineyard

Ovid Line North Medium Dry Riesling 2017

This has become a favorite date night wine for us. Especially with the tariffs in place (our ex-favorite was a Moschofilero).

I still prefer the off dry, but this medium dry offers a cool common denominator to various palates, keeping everyone happy.

Nice roundness. Classy, subtle bouquet and hue.
— 4 days ago

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