Domaine Jolly Ferriol

Edmunds St. John

Bone-Jolly Gamay Noir Rosé 2018

Gamay rose - yay — 24 days ago

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Fenton Winery & Brewery

Grin Raspberry

Fenton Winery and Brewery Grin Raspberry. Like the apple, smells like jolly rancher and very sweet. Okay by itself but is to be treated as a sugary cocktail — 12 days ago

Fritz Haag

Brauneberger Juffer Spätlese Riesling 2016

Does the world need one more glorious review of residual sugar? Trick question it needs many. This wine gives medium-dry (for the WSET crowd), or semisweet wine a jolly good name. It has that petrol-y stank then airs out and peach Melba jams up. All with an undercurrent of gaseous mineral and—okay we need find new word for mouth-watering—acid. What am I supposed to say, mouth-filling-up-with-saliva acidity? Refreshing? It’s not exactly. Punctilious acidity? That doesn’t even really make sense but it sort of does. Your mouth will water promptly. The petrol notes are pretty hitting so give it some time unless like me you love that stink. Sweet tangerine juice is the ocean all this chaos floats on. It’s very good. — 18 days ago

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Ellen Clifford

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Interesting! Maybe I’m confusing suphur for petrol? Hmmm I’ll have to look up the article. Thanks for the knowledge!
Aaron Tan

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Haha. Not sure. Just throwing in an idea. May well be tdn. Lots of people love it, especially Australian riesling lovers 😁
Ellen Clifford

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@Aaron Tan hard to say, I probably would need to taste it with others and see what they say! I also sometimes confuse gunflint type notes like you get in Chardonnay with petrol but I thought I had that under control lol

Sébastien David

Hurluberlu Cabernet Franc

Goatboy. Natty Loire cab franc. Slightly carbonic. Cherry jolly rancher. Herbs. Funk. Could drink chilled but not today. — 7 days ago

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Andrew Rasse

Andrew Rasse

Every time you type Goatboy I see Jim Brewer.

Cruse Wine Co.

Rancho Chimiles Vineyard Valdiguié

Watermelon jolly rancher in a more serious package than the nouveau. Love the texture of these. — a month ago

Frantz Saumon

La Boutanche Gamay 2018

Sour cherry jolly rancher
A little blueberry
Celery but maybe that was more of the tannins
A little Carmel
Chocolate a while later
And notes of pine
Some tomato
— a month ago

Château Simone

Palette Grand Cru de Provence Rosé Grenache Blend 2015

I tend to love the weird wines made from masters. Think Paolo Bea Arboreous or Joly Coulee de Serrant or LDH Rose.

Everything about this is artificially flavored candy. It looks like cherry lollipop and smells like red Kool-Aid and Robitusson. Tastes like watermelon Jolly Rancher.

Powerful and viscous as hell, even hot. I know these can age forever and I’d love to see an older bottle. Tons of fun.
— a month ago

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Jay Kline

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Yeah brother!


Leyda Valley Rosé Blend 2018

Interesting #chile #rose blend - strawberry, some mineral backbone and hints of watermelon combined with mouthwatering juicy acidity that evokes good childhood memories of watermelon flavor Jolly Rancher candies. — 3 days ago

Fenton Winery & Brewery

Crisp Green Apple

Fenton Winery and Bewery Crisp Green Apple. Smells like a Jolly Rancher. Would be nice alone but it is a bit much with food. Borderline dessert wine — 12 days ago


Cascinetta Vietti Moscato d'Asti 2018

This is my favorite moscato yet. Thank you Vietti for being a beautiful winemaker and also making this. If there were white peach jolly ranchers tossed into some grapefruit and Meyer lemon juice and then you dashed in some orange blossom and magically gave it velvet bubbles that’s this. It’s...delicious. You’d think at a mere 5% abv I’d have a cooler word than “delicious” but damn this is. — a month ago

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Ellen Clifford

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@Joseph Barsky oooh this is something I need to try!
Severn Goodwin

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@Ellen Clifford It must be autocorrecting based on your recent virgo wine feature article, some of it had me LOL for real. 👍
Ellen Clifford

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@Severn Goodwin haha, you’re likely right! And thank you, happy to hear it made you laugh:)