Domaine Du Château De Chorey (germain)

Thierry Germain

Soliterre Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2016


Family Feud, chocolate and a nice cab franc, how can you go wrong. I guess if it was Friday. Plums and fresh gravel just put down on your driveway. What a pair but just so delicious. — 12 days ago

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Domaine Maillard Père & Fils

Chorey-les-Beaune Chardonnay 2008

Orange color. Mature with figs, dried mango, sultana raisins and lemon curd. Probably oxidized but still beautiful. — a month ago

Domaine Maillard Père & Fils

Chorey-les-Beaune Pinot Noir

Nice bouquet, red berries, soft mouth feel, very low tannin — a month ago

Bernard Dubois

Chorey-les-Beaune Pinot Noir 1998

Definately matured flavours w mushroom n forrest n a little meat. Some dark fruit like blueberries. Faded pretty quickly, though. — 13 hours ago

Thierry Germain & Michel Chevré

Bulles de Roches Saumur Chenin Blanc

A pot of wild creamed honey to scoop my bear paw into. — 15 days ago

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Domaine du Château de Chorey (Germain)

Vieilles Vignes Vignes Franches Beaune 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2009

strong mushroom nose, sour cherry, sandalwood, ash, smoky. Still going strong. Over-delivered for sure — 2 months ago

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Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Clos Romans Saumur Chenin Blanc 2013

Lyle Fass

This is really top top Chenin — a month ago

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Domaine Tollot-Beaut

Chorey-les-Beaune Pinot Noir 2014

Nose of clay, and some sea. Nice acid, light dark berry, 👍 — 19 days ago

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Thierry Germain

Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2013

Cherry menthol cough drop, nice tannin structure — 4 days ago

Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Les Roches Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2016

Light and fresh. I’ve been liking cab franc lately. This hits the spot. — 9 days ago

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