Domaine des Tourelles

Vallée de la Bekaa Vieilles Vignes Cinsault

Apparently this is one of the 101 wines to drink you before you die! Cinsault grape, they looked for vines over 50years in age, bit of tart cherry, well rounded, hasn't revealed itself but am excited to crack on! — 6 days ago

Julien Peyras

Gourmandise Cinsault 2016

Dan R

Suffered from being poured next to the Pelletier, but very nice in its own right. Red fruit and bitter earth. Quite lifted and bright. Very fun wine. — 19 days ago

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Château Puech Redon

Pour de Vrai Cinsault Rosé

A dry white natural wine with almost a micro-bubble like effervescence. Comparative to a smoother champagne with some yeasty strands to it. Would definitely have it again! — 15 days ago

Hamilton Russell Vineyards

Ashbourne Pinotage/Cinsault 2019

Transparent ruby, light and pretty wine with bright red fruits. Needs a light chill. Great QPR — a day ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Beautiful setting! 🍷🌲

Domaine de L'Amandier

Vin de France Cinsault 2018

Lovely. Drank at an outdoor movie, in a cemetery, on Friday the 13th, under a full moon. Great spooky fall vibes all around, including from the wine. Drank chilled. — 6 days ago

Joseph Lewinski
with Joseph

Domaine Les Enfants Des Sauvages

Ché Chauvio Côtes Catalanes Syrah Cinsault

I don’t know if the maker of this wine is into death metal l, but I do know that the title of Gojira’s 5th studio album is one and the same. The 4th track on that album is called liquid fire and this wine is definitely bringing that heat. 40% cinsault, 40% Grenache, 20% mouvedre. It’s got that funky meatiness of cinsault and a cranberry punch. — 6 days ago

with Briana
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Kevin Løk

Kevin Løk

Tremendous review.

Mont Gravet

Vin de France Cinsault Rosé 2018

Nice rose. Dry and delicious. Not overly sweet or alcoholic — 13 days ago


Sun & Air Cinsault 2017

Rich tannins paired with ripe red fruit. Surprised how much I like it based on the low price. Better when aerated. — 5 days ago

Savage Grace Wines

Marcela Vineyard Cinsault 2016

Pretty decent Cinsaut. Lots of ripe cherry , very smooth. Nice acidity. Best with food. Decent showing for a WA Cinsaut — 9 days ago

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JM Cellars

The Benches Vineyard Cinsaut Red 2014

Beautiful herbacious notes on the nose with an intriguing wet stone, vanilla, and strawberry follow up. On the palette, the body is light, there are nice red plum and white pepper notes. This is a great wine! Yum!! — 16 days ago

Cherish HartJen Masar
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