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Brut La Cuvée Champagne Blend 1512

David T

In the ski chalet or in this case, the bar- Salmontini that overlooks Ski Dubai inside The Mall of the Emirates. Sofía is skiing and I’m having a glass Laurent-Perrier. Two bad discs don’t make for enjoyable skiing. Perhaps, the worst thing I could do for them. I’m getting the better end of the deal! 😋

We already spent a half-hour playing with King Penguins! 🐧 What fun!

As for the champagne, the nose reveals, green apple, lemon lime, pineapple, some hints of green melon and honey, vanilla, cream soda, beautiful soft chalkiness, sea shells, gentle volcanic minerals, spring flowers, Jasmine and yellow lilies.

The body is nice and glides easily over the palate. Nice mousse and mouthfeel. Green apple, lemon lime, pineapple, some hints of green melon and honey, vanilla, cream soda, notes of ginger, baguette crust, beautiful soft chalkiness, sea shells, more pronounced volcanic minerals than the nose and penetrate into the palate, spring flowers, Jasmine and yellow lilies. Really nice soft acidity and micro bubbles. The finish is rich, elegant, nicely polished and persists minutes.

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend!
🐣 🐰
— 5 days ago

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Shay A

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So awesome!
Sofia Jalilie

Sofia Jalilie

The penguins were the best!
Skiing was surprisingly fun- hard to imagine skiing inside when it is 100 degrees outside!
Cheers! 🥂

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@David T Wow looks like a great time Cheers 🍷

Dom Pérignon

Altum Villare Brut Champagne 1996

I tried to think of all the flowers, fruits, scents, flavors and other things that would describe the experience of drinking this wine at my favorite restaurant with my wife but came up short and decided not to even try. @Entre nous in pasadena — 4 days ago

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Mike R

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David T

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Nice hold. Cheers! 🥂

Moussé Fils

Terre D'Illite Blanc de Noirs Champagne Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier 2012

Degorgement july 2017. 95% meunier. Grown on clay. Soft fruity and mineral nose. On the palette it’s rich and refined. very persistent with long aftertaste. — 3 days ago

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Moët & Chandon

Impérial Brut Champagne Blend

David T

At the Emirates Business Lounge in Dubai. Not quite the lounge services they advertise in their Business Class Service video in Dubai on their website. Overall, still ok. I was looking forward to the world’s only Moet & Chandon Champagne Bar and some 09 vintage Moet & Chandon but, I guess that is really only in the First Class Lounge. I’ll have to settle for this Imperial. Any good lawyers out there want to sue them for deceptive advertising? 🤣 Also, the shoe shine was not included. It was the most expensive shoe shine I’ve had. And, never actually included black polish! Hmmm? 🤔

As for the Imperial, not bad but, not the 09 vintage I had hoped for! Oh well! 🤷‍♂️

The nose reveals, nice light citrus blend, green apple, bruised red apple to cider, pineapple, a little lime candy, tropical melons, some white peach, cream soda, brioche, soft chalkiness, understated minerality, spring & yellow flowers with greens.

The body full and pleasant. Soft understated mousse and delicate on the palate. Light citrus blend, green apple, red apple with a slight lean into cider, pineapple, a little lime candy, tropical melons, some white peach, cream soda, brioche, soft, fine powdery chalkiness, subtle minerality, sea spray, spring & yellow flowers with greens. The acidity not as lively as I would prefer. The finish is rich, elegant but, lacks a certain wow factor.
— 5 days ago

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David T

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@P A Cheers to you! 🥂
Severn Goodwin

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Ha, this is why I shine my own shoes.
David T

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@Severn Goodwin I do as well. However, the desert dust got the best of them.


Grande Cuveé 166ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Sometimes you visit friends at restaurants and sometime STUPID people leave behind some Krug (morons) and you friend gives you a sip of their discarded magic. So...everything. I forever love Krug. Dunno if I love it or Dom Ruinart better I guess it depends on the style I desire. — 4 days ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

No Krug? No, thanks. 🤣 cheers! 🥂
Ellen Clifford

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@Neil Valenzuela i mean, there are a couple other bubblies I’ll accept but Krug is a champion. Cheers!

Pol Roger

White Foil Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Hoped for better!

Lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, lightly bruised green apple, pronounced minerality, understated soft chalkiness, some bread bough, Jasmine & spring flowers, good acidity with a rich polished finish.

@Emirates Lounge SFO.
— 8 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Welcome back my friend, safe travels.
Ron R

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But @David T, the white foil is close to entry...
David T

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@Ron R I’ve has their White Foil a number of times before. My comment of “hoped for better” was really directed st Emirates Airlines Business Class Lounge. Based on their perception of service for their Business Class passengers, I expected better given what they charge and their self marketing. Overall good but they have a few areas that definitely need to be improved. Wine offerings is certainly one.

Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Blend 2009

David T

Got the attendant to save my palate and grab me a glass of 09 Dom out of 1st Class.

The Emirates experience is very good overall. The car service pick up is excellent. The comfort in Business Class is quite spacious and comfortable. Service is good. The food was hit or miss depending on what you ordered. Overall, it could be better. Where they really missed; there were no hot towels before meals, wi-fi horrific and the Business Class wine list needs to be much better.

Green apple, slightly bruised Bosc pear, lime candy, light color citrus blend, pineapple, ginger soda, baguette crust, beautiful firm pronounced chalkiness, penetrating grey volcanic minerals, well done acidity and an elegant, rich, well balanced finish that goes on & on.
— 7 days ago

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Dick Schinkel

Dick Schinkel

Always a treat 🥂🥂
Dr. Owen Bargreen

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@David T Emirates is the best 🏅

Charles Heidsieck

Rosé Réserve Brut Champagne Blend

Shay A

My first time trying the CH rosé champagne. Their Brut is my favorite NV champagne, so I was glad to finally get my hands on some of this. Not surprisingly, I loved it. Similar to the Brut, certainly a battle between fruit and savory yeasty notes, but more strawberry skin and rhubarb pie adding some spice to it. It’s got that streak down the middle showing the older vintage wines they add to these (which I love) adding a bit of English biscuit and caramel. — 8 days ago

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Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

ID: 114005. Delicious. From 1/2 bottle. Cuvée 163, mostly 07, about a third Pinot Meunier, more than 180 wines in its composition dating back to 1990. Fascinating to read on the Krug website. — 4 days ago

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Dom Ruinart Brut Rosé Champagne Blend 1988

Iron, earth , blood orange , fig and grilled nuts . Very reminiscent of great red Burgundy with bubbles . Not the freshest example I have tasted of this Champagne but still very good . — 3 days ago

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