Calistoga, Napa Valley

Coquerel Family Wine Estates

Walnut Wash Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2015

PNV version of the wine identified. What a nice lunchtime wine. Went with a variety of Mexican dishes and did really well with them all. This wine has a nose of lemony creme brulee, with some kind of a custard 'thickness.' Did not 'smell like' a thin SB. On the entry, that was pretty much confirmed. This wine is soft, elegant on the front. Lemon curd, hint of creme brulee, in the middle is where a little bit of melon notes started to show up. Finishes with surprising acidity and crispness that just makes you want to take another drink. This wine has weight and structure, both are surely VERY present here. Went well with Ceviche, queso, and poblano chicken. This one has the weight and structure to hold another 3-5 years, but this one isn't getting any better in the bottle so why wait? — 13 days ago

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Schramsberg Vineyards

Brut Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay 2007

Quite a delicious sparkler. Nice combination of fruit and toasty bread. — 15 days ago

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Dutch Henry Winery

Calistoga Petite Sirah 2011

I found it to be rich in flavor but soft enough to enjoy with almost anything:: my husband and I enjoyed it with poached eggs on wilted greens, prosciutto and ricotta , toast — 8 days ago

Chateau Montelena

The Montelena Estate Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon 1987

Thick, dense, classic cab. Great fruit. — 14 days ago

Naoko Dalla ValleLarry FriersonBryan Thomas
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Harris Estate Vineyards

Lakeview Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Really just a fruit bomb on opening. Hoping for some additional elements to come through. For being a 2009, though, it tastes like a new wine. On day two it was more interesting and still vibrant and young. So a slight bump. — 15 days ago

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Venge Vineyards

Bone Ash Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

A year on the wine rack has smoothed this out, not sure if this can make it 10 years buts its great now👍🏻 — 13 days ago

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Ellen Clifford

Ellen Clifford Premium Badge

Oooh I got the 2015 and am making myself hold off on it for at least a year. I’m a fan of Venge. Did you get bottles to age further?
Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher

Still have some 14’s left, didn’t buy any 15’s since I was storing 14’s for awhile

Chateau Montelena

Premier Napa Valley Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Ready set and go from the moment the corked was pulled and the first glass was poured this Cabernet Sauvignon exhibited a wonderful richness with depth and long velvety finish! — 8 days ago


Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Pretty nice on the nose, but the tannins came across as a bit rough and rustic on the palate. — 11 days ago

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Grant Everett

Grant Everett

Hope it is just in a dumb phase

B Cellars

Kenefick Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Right up there with Bard & Ontogeny for $100.00 — 8 days ago

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Shay A

Shay A Premium Badge

Wow. Quite the comparison.


Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

This is a wine where you buy one because your first impression is...."?"..... and after opening it, you realize that you should have bought a case. I honestly think this wine is JUST starting to show what it has. Served from Coravin, the youth on this wine is astounding. It has a traditional Calistoga nose IMO (that hot, meaty yet somewhat tantalizing ripe black cherry and blackberry). Entry is thick, a little darker, but probably still tasting the way it did at release unless it was even MORE astringent at release. This wine then gets down to business, and finishes with an almost youthful, chalky youthful ripe blackberry, black pepper, cedar sweetness with a stiff tannic finish and acidity that makes it go for miles. If you have this in your cellar (especially the larger format), I would be in NO RUSH to drink it.....still under construction here, but still drinking VERY well if you choose to enjoy! — 5 days ago

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Shay A

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Ya, that label throws me for a loop. Glad to hear it tasted better than the label looked!
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Shay A I think the picture for the label was drawn by one of the owners' fathers. And I think even to this day nobody knows who she was, hence the name. Pretty interesting, and a really good wine, but I don't think they are in operation anymore.


Bad label choice. No one wants that on the dinner table. Glad to hear good showing!