Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon

Juggernaut 2016 Cab. A hell of a lot better than BOHEME! But not up to my standard. I can drink this though. What can I say about this wine? Well, it is a good wine for giving to a friend of a friend! Blueberry beginning with a tart mid palate. Another tart cab.... finish is dry. That’s about all I can taste. Maybe a little bit of earth tone to it definitely some graphite! Not my style! NEXT!!!!!!! Okay I decanted it for an hour and now its pretty darn good. No graphite! Lots of buttery finish! Spice on the mid palate. My rating is now 9.6. Buy this again and decant! What a difference from fresh out of the bottle. And its young!!!! WTH? — 4 days ago

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todd herron DPM

todd herron DPM Premium Badge

Having another glass for a second chance
todd herron DPM

todd herron DPM Premium Badge

It has a mid palate sourness that sits on the back of the tongue where sour is not supposed to go. The after taste is the problem. There is amazing buttery slickness on the palate, but the sour tart finish ruins the experience. I still like it though. I STAND BY 8.8/10!
todd herron DPM

todd herron DPM Premium Badge

Oops!!!! 9.6!!!!!!!!!!

Sine Qua Non

On Your Toes Syrah

2001 Sine Qua Non "On Your Toes" California Syrah, 14.9% alcohol.
So a few weeks ago, I was pontificating about the SQN G.O.A.T. Syrah on an Jeb Dunnuck Instagram post af “Heart Chorea.” I suggested a 4-way tie among “Heart Chorea,” “Poker Face,” “JFTLOI” And “The 17th Nail.” I was sorely tempted to add “A Shot In The Dark” but then Mark Christensen mentioned adding “On Your Toes,” and I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d tasted it. So Mark, you’re responsible for tonight’s selection. Oh, and by the way, it’s now a 5-way tie because this wine is simply off the charts extraordinary. And I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record on this topic, but that nose!!! Filing the decanter just floods the cellar with a robust bouquet of hot blueberry pie, strawberry preserves, soy sauce, smoked meats, beef blood, Asian spice, white pepper and lavender. Once in the stem, add shaved truffles and mocha frappe to the mix. I remember once seeing a wine’s nose described as “feral” and I’m going to steal it here because it’s absolutely spot on! I wish I could share it because it’s simply mind blowing! Well worth the price of admission on its own. On the palate, all of the above with notes of cedar, caramel and maple syrup. Pure silk. Great depth and complexity. Opulent and powerful yet light on its feet and positively elegant. Possibly the most hedonistic wine I’ve ever tasted! At least that’s how I feel tonight. In the moment. Perfect confluence of time and place. Endless finish. How long can these SQN beauties continue to sing? There’s no end in sight as far as this guy’s concerned. And I don’t usually do this here, but if anyone out there is sitting on a Magnum they’d be willing to part with, I’m extremely interested. Sine Qua Non. My magnificent obsession!
— 3 hours ago

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Bill Bender

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The man, the myth, the legal genius and the curator of all things SQN @Roman Sukley!! Thank you for allowing us to live through you with this gem.

Alpha Omega

Proprietary Napa Valley Red Blend 2010

To celebrate my 4000th review on vivino, here is a beautiful, beautiful Bordeaux blend from Napa.

Dark inky in color with a short purple rim.

Fruity nose of blackberries, blueberries, cherries, licorice, cedar, earth, vanilla, leather, raisins, mocha, chocolates, coke, tobacco leaf, cinnamon, eucalyptus, Indian spices, pencil lead and black pepper.

Full bodied, smooth, elegant and bold, with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and very fruity on the palate with blackberries, ripe plums, cherry pie, dried figs, tobacco leaf, graphite, spices, vanilla, cedar, cinnamon, coffee, mocha, coke, light bell pepper, earth, peppercorn and leather.

Long finish with fine grained tannins and tangy cherries.

This is a fabulous Bordeaux blend from Napa Valley. Showing great complexity and balance. This 9 year old is still very fruity with all these chocolate and mocha notes.

Good right out of the bottle and better as it opens up (30 minutes), and gets earthier after 90 minutes.

Although this is drinking so very nicely now, it could age nicely in the next 5 to 10 years.

Wine Enthusiasts 92 points.

A blend of 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 9% Petit Verdot and 2% Cabernet Franc. Aged for 22 Months in 80% New oak barrels. Some of the grapes came from the To Kalon Vineyard.

Delicious, delightful and exquisite.

14.1% alcohol by volume.

98 points.

— 7 hours ago

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Daniel P. Drake

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@"Odedi" Congratulations! Well done! 🍷
Paul K

Paul K

Congrats on 4000! Impressive! Also thank you. I very much enjoy your thorough reviews. I learn a great deal from them! Keep it up!
Clive McNish

Clive McNish

That’s a huge score for you, anyone who follows your reviews must be racing around right now looking for a bottle.

D.R. Stephens

Premiere Napa Valley IX Lot No. 045 Moose Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

David T

This is a Napa Valley Premiere bottling of the D.R. Stephens Moose Valley Vineyard from 2003. Bottle number 23 of 60. I’ve asked @delectable to add.

I picked it up yesterday in honor of Napa Valley Premiere happening this week. If you have never heard of this event, it’s a gathering of Napa producers, industry professionals and resellers bidding on lots of wine. Many of these lots are special bottling’s of a producers best barrel etc. Quite an event of; tasting, bidding and a little partying.

If you haven’t tried D.R. Stephens wines, I suggest you give them a strong consideration in acquiring. However, these wines are made for cellaring. While you can drink them young, if you do, you will sell yourself short of the harmony and bliss they will give you properly aged and enjoyed at their peak. As delicious as this bottle is tonight, it hasn’t achieved its peak.

The nose reveals; beautiful, ripe, candied and floral fruits of; blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, black plum skin, baked strawberries and stewed blueberries & raspberries. Black licorice, layered baking spices; vanilla, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, berry cola, warm spices, caramel, mocha, some black pepper, dry top soil, dry crushed limestone minerals, leather, graphite, notes of Provence herbs, bay leaf, dark rich turned earth with fresh red flowers, violets and lavender.

The body is rich and full. The tannins still quite big but, well rounded. The structure and tension are about 60% up the top of bell curve. The length & balance are beautiful and will hit their peak in 7-8 more years. Gorgeous wine! Ripe, candied and floral fruits of; blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, black plum skin, baked strawberries and stewed blueberries & raspberries. Black licorice, steeped tea, layered baking spices; vanilla, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, berry cola, warm spices, caramel, mocha, dark chocolate, some black pepper, dry top soil, dry crushed limestone minerals, dry clay, leather, graphite, notes of Provence herbs, bay leaf, dark rich turned earth with fresh red flowers, violets and lavender. The acidity is perfect. The long, elegant, gorgeously rich, we’ll balance finish is amazing and is everything you look for in a quality Napa Cabernet and then some.

Photos of; an auction shot from a past Napa Valley Premiere auction, tasting & dining area on the Estate (2nd home for owners - Don & Trish Stephens), another property shot complete with pond and shot of the Estate as you walk into beautiful property.

Thanks to @Jason and Jennie for exposing me to D.R. Stephens.
— a day ago

James Christina Champagne
with James and Christina
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Sofia Jalilie

Sofia Jalilie

Amazing wine, glad we drank at its peak
Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

Got some, thanks for the tip

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Black Label Diamond Collection Claret California Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Smells great- peppery, sage, metals. Tastes great- tart berries, savory meat, clove. Very thin mouthfeel, very low tannins. I like the white label better, but Francis always does a great job for $12. — 3 days ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

Nice one! Cheers 🍷
Sharon B

Sharon B

Very good wines!

Perkins Harter

The Weight Old Vine Zinfandel 2015

😮 Wow. A serious, sexy beast. Blend of 80% old vine zin, 15% petit Syrah, 5% Syrah. Dry Creek appellation. The last vintage of this wine was 2016. This is going to age forever. Shelby and Peter relocated to the Eola-Amity Hills in the Willamette Valley and bought/planted Bracken vineyard. Planted just upslope from Sojourner, southwest facing, majority planted to Pinot with a small amount of Chardonnay. Shelby is a wizard. — 12 days ago

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California Chenin Blanc 2014

Gold in the glass with very little aroma at first. As it warmed lemon curd, ripe pear and lanolin notes flowed. The central core of this 3 year old Chenin is structure, weight, and smooth as silk creaminess. Beautiful acid/ fruit balance at this stage; the wine improved as it warmed. Left me wanting more. One of the single best price for quality wines in California, if not the world. Hats off, Tegan. Every bottle rocks! — 8 days ago

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Folie à Deux

Ménage à Trois Lavish California Merlot 2017

Color of deep ruby, clear, with a touch of purple. Nose of leafy notes like tobacco leaves. Taste is quite sweet, with sweet plum, grassy note, medical note, mocha, and some spice. Some good acidity comes at 2nd wave, with medium low tannins. Aftertaste of some more bitterness. Above average yet too sweet for me. — 5 days ago

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David Clinton

David Clinton

Grabbed a bottle yesterday for $8. Usually don’t like Ménage, but your review sounds pretty good.
Frank Kuo

Frank Kuo

With $8 per bottle, she will taste even better.

Enfield Wine Co.

Pretty Horses Tempranillo 2014

Don’t open that Cab tonight, try this instead. Youthful and bold. Dusty tannins balance with juicy dark red and black fruits. Throw in a bit of tar aromas and you have a real treat of an American Tempranillo. — a day ago

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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Volant Red Rhone Blend 2013

Beautiful nose develops slowly with air. Tangy red berries, savory, garrigue-like minerality and some roasted herbs. Great balance. Loads of savory, iodine-tinged flavors. Soft texture and a long finish. — 4 days ago

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Angelo Casagrande

Angelo Casagrande

Had this a few times. Always thought it was very good.
David T

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Right in my backyard. Randall Graham is quite the character.