Domaine Leroy

Bourgogne Aligoté 2011

Stop asking questions and just try this. As with almost every wine from Leroy, gotta give this a few minutes to let the sulphery funk blow off. But once it does... clean and focused Meyer lemon curd, crushed rocks, and flint. Amazing that this “peasant” wine is rocking at 8 years old. Will go another 8 without even blinking. — 10 days ago

with Bob and ADAM
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Yum!!!! F’n love this wine and can drink or every day!!
Eric LaMasters

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Would love to try that one day.
Joe Lucca

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Eric, consider it on the list in Des Moines

Florent Garaudet

Bourgogne Aligoté 2016

Lyle Fass

Always a killer bottle of Aligote. Stunning mouthfeel and texture which Garaudet is a master of. Nose is a bit anonymous right now but the palate is glorious. Very juicy and so textured. Energetic and dynamic. Long. — a month ago

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Domaine Sylvain Pataille

Les Auvones Bourgogne Aligoté 2014

A gorgeous showing. Hard to imagine Aligote being better. 2014, drink up. — 19 days ago

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Domaine Chavy-Chouet

Les Petits Poiriers Bourgogne Aligoté 2015

Geoff Troup

Delicious. Bright acidity and green quality. Melon and grass with some nuttiness. Racy and terrific with food. — 9 days ago

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Guilhem et Jean Hugues Goisot

Bourgogne Aligoté

Floral scent, mineral and apricot pit taste. Astor wine — 12 days ago

Claire Naudin

"Le Clou 34" Bourgogne Aligoté

Beautiful expression of Aligotè! — 10 days ago


Author's Wine Aligoté Riesling 2017

Отличное вино, изумительный вкус, долгое послевкусие. Отличный цвет и аромат. То, что крепкое не чувствуется. — 7 days ago

Vini Viti Vinci

Bréau Bourgogne Aligoté 2017

Interesting creamy mouth-feel, tastes like cheesecake in subtle way that works — 9 days ago

Domaine A. et P. de Villaine

Bouzeron Aligoté 2016

Parfums d’agrumes, puissance de goût, sec mais fruit, excellent de pur l’apéritif, les crustacés et les poissons. — 14 days ago

Comte Armand

Bourgogne Aligoté 2015

Full bodied, oak on spot! Just a little bit more acidity to turn out great! — 18 days ago