Ahr, Germany


Ahr Spätburgunder

2016 vintage. Mineral and floral with lots of tart red fruit. Tart cherry, unripe strawberry, cranberry, black rocks, hibiscus, tea leaves, lavender. Definitely a lighter expression of Pinot Noir, very comparable to a village level Burgundy from a cool vintage. — 7 days ago

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No. 1 Spätburgunder 2010

The evening theme is Pinot Noir from unexpected areas.
A red Mosel, Piesporter Falkenberg specifically.

Nose has white peppered ripe cherry, pink rose, violets, vine bark and wet slate.

Palate has ripe strawberry/cherry mashed onto slate slabs, great (medium) acidity, minor tannins, so balanced and amazing.

I believe that 2010 is the current release as of my notes (2019), but this Chambolle-like Spätburgunder likely has 10 years easily ahead. This is a great bottle, never would have guessed Mosel, ever.

Decanted ~4hrs.
— 4 days ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Will you visit at some point? The wine tasting in Germany is amazing.
Severn Goodwin

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Yes, Germany is on the short list, but hoping to do Burgundy again in May 2020, TBD still. Germany could be a couple years out.


"P" Spätburgunder 2012

Lyle Fass

What a nose. Perfume of spice, mineral and so many violets. Smokey almost like a Morey St. Denis. Gorgeous nose. So aromatic. Palate is ripe and so juicy with delicious lip smacking red fruit and utterly compelling freshness and purity. Obviously young but so well made and terrific length. Needs 2 hours. — a day ago

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Jean Stodden

J Ahr Spätburgunder 2015

way too young. all there. tight as nails. — 15 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Spätburgunder Rosé 2017

I know Lyle Fass the importer will roast me at the stake for popping this so soon. A little darker than in the past. Classic E&M - the consistency from year to year is just ridiculous. Mountain meadows with thyme and gentian on the nose. In the glass elderberry , orange 🍊 zest, hint of tart underripe strawberry - lovely acidity. Needs to settle down. This is once again!!! the best Rose money can buy right now. How this winery does this beats me. Unfortunately not widely available if at all outside of the FASS email list. — 3 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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He's gonna cut you off for popping all these E&M's fresh outta their shippers. I think all mine land at my storage facility in the next week or so...

Enderle & Moll

Weiss & Grau Burgunder Weißburgunder Grauburgunder 2017

Thé whites of E&M are an acquired taste. This However i could drink by the bucket. Hard to describe. No peach here - more spice cabinet. Needs air. Like a salad - yes this reminds me of romaine lettuce with apples. @ least right now. More when this has settled down. Very cloudy right now from shipping — 3 days ago

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Weingut Schätzel

Hipping Kabinett 2016

Lyle Fass

Schätzel makes some of the best classically style Kabinett in Germany. Gorgeous nose. Green apple, mineral, floral, citrus, hint of tropical fruits, vulcanized rubber in a good way, palate is just unreal. Sweet, yet mineral and with awesome texture and terrific juiciness. Clean and mineral finish with loads of fruit and complexity. Stunning freshness and palate presence. This is top class. — 18 days ago

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Juliane Eller

Alsheimer Spätburgunder 2016

Nose has diffuse florals, freshly cut cherry, pint of raspberries... initially this doesn't seem as fragrant/approachable as the 2015, likely more decant time is needed.

Palate has mashed raspberry/strawberry/blackberry, moist earth, wet granite, perfect (medium) acidity and a very long finish.

Looking ahead to this bottles evolution over the next 24hr as it seems lightly closed up tonight. Notes will be updated.

24hr Update: Nose is approaching the Pinot perfume qualities of the 2015, but lacking the body of that vintage.
— 6 days ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

I think I skipped the 16.
Severn Goodwin

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Probably ok IMO, but you-know-who will not like that skipping... 15 was more immediately approachable. We have one at the house and will do a side-by-side later this year.

Enderle & Moll

Pur Müller Thurgau 2017

Very cloudy needs to settle down. This is an insane white!!! From E&M. Just a touch of peach but then amazing spice cardamom? For a white really? White peach. Hint of Green pepper. Wild apples. This has a bite. The best Müller Thurgau i ever had and one of the most interesting whites ever. 2017 E&M‘s Rock. Really! — 3 days ago

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