Valle De La Orotava, Canary Islands

Suertes del Marqués

La Solana Vino de Parcela Cordón Trenzado Listan Negro 2014

Really nice plushy persistence, especially for a medium bodied wine, and it improved with air, but there’s a touch of unpleasant raisin up front. — a month ago

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Juan Francisco Farina Perez

Los Loros Valle de Güimar Listan Negro

Gentle tannins, aromatic, dark cherry, wildflowers, coffee, smoke, underbrush and eucalyptus... Absolutely well rounded caldo that will make any sunset memorable... This is a fabulous wine for serious wine lovers that have some friends over ... Canary Islands 🇮🇨 scoring really high AGAIN !! — 2 months ago

Bodegas Tajinaste

Tinto Tradicional Valle de la Orotava Listán Negro

I got the 2019 ....Traditionally excellent ! ... Aromatic, dark cherry, coffee, pine, wild flowers, eucalyptus, peppery, smoky, mineral, humid volcanic goodness ... Bold and round I don’t give it a 10 bec of the short punch that let you wishing for more... This is the taste of a Lazy afternoon siesta under vineyards next to the sea... — 3 months ago

Bodegas Tajinaste

Blanco Seco White Blend

Lots of lemon!! Fair amount of salinity and acid. Slightly bitter undertone, but not over powering. Really enjoyed it. Got this as a reco from parcels wine. — a month ago

Suertes del Marqués

El Ciruelo Viñas Viejas Valle de la Orotava Listan Negro 2017

Oh my that volcanic stank. Sulfur blows off (mostly) with a long decant and vigorous swirling, revealing a peppery nose, whiffs of hickory smoke and cherry lozenge. Cranberry and brambly green herb notes on the palate. Drying tannins on the finish. Similar profile to Jura poulsard or Loire pineau d’aunis. Love the pepperiness; wish there was more fruit. Pretty austere. — 2 months ago

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Suertes del Marqués

Trenzado Blanco Tenerife Valle de la Orotava Listan Blanco Pedro Ximénez 2019

Heavy SO2 on the nose, but with some air this yields a salt mine of a wine. Full bodied and high acid with a rip roaring saline quality on top of the bright citrus explosion. Fascinating. — 3 months ago

Suertes del Marqués

Vidonia Viñas Viejas Valle de la Orotava Listan Blanco 2016

Yellow apple, grapefruit, lemon, minerally, saline. Beachy mediterranean vibes. Delicious! — 4 months ago

Suertes del Marqués

7 Fuentes Vino de Villa Red Blend 2017

Fresh ... light
Stri get aftertaste
Wider than deeper
— a month ago

Dolores Cabrera Fernández

La Araucaria Valle de la Orotava Tinto Listan Negro 2018

Whole cluster impression, with garrigue, game, and black pepper and olive notes. Recent “must have” Tenerife canary island wine that lives up to the hype. Just about perfect for a BBQ with your wine geek friends. — 2 months ago

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Palo Blanco Valle de la Orotava Listan Blanco 2016

Очень нежный аромат пороха, вулканические почвы чувствуются сразу, но очень нежно.
Во вкусе немного мяса, сырокопченая колбаса, кислотность высокая, по характеру похоже на что-то квашеное, есть пикантность. Очень минеральное, много пороха. Кислотность цитрусовая, строгая. Вино в целом очень аскетичное, как натянутая струна. Диапазон вкуса со временем не меняется.
Вино будет питься долго, а не одним глотком.

Выпил бы бутылку один, но лучше разделить с кем-то (боюсь только с Самвелом).
— 2 months ago