Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma County

Pride Mountain Vineyards

Reserve Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

2003 Vintage. En Magnum. Large format made this wine tonight. Still good fruit and plush mouthfeel. Drink up. — 9 days ago

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Williams Selyem

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2002

David T

Not exactly pizza wine but, I bought six bottles of this 02 Williams Selyem for $35-$36 w/ tax & fees recently on the secondary market. I have enjoyed a number of their 02’s for many years…such a great Pinot Noir Sonoma vintage. Especially, for WS. I feel for the seller who actually barely might have broke even or even lost a couple of bucks on this sale after fees.

Still spectacular after 18 plus years in bottle. She is still strutting her stuff.

Visually you look at the color in the glass, it’s silty & cloudy.

The body is ripe, rich, smooth & shining integration. The fruits bright, somewhat candied, floral & showing shades of stewed. Blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, cherries, poached strawberries, pomegranate juice, slightly dry cranberries, raspberries with singing purple & blue fruits as it sets. Some dark, rich, dark forest floor with dry leaves & twigs w/ tree sap, vanillin, nutmeg, cinnamon, dark spices, notes of dry herbaceousness - bay leaf, sage & marjoram, black licorice, mixed berry cola, powdery limestone & dry rocks, just a hint of pepper, grilled, savory meats, fresh tobacco leaves, red, blue, dark flowers laid in a field of violets. The acidity is like a spring shower. The finish is rich, ruby, well knitted & balanced with length & polish for days.

Its subtle knock, a touch hot at the beginning with it fading in the second glass.

The 02 is singing with another 3-5 years of good drinking ahead. It’s new world with Burgundy threads.

For me, this WS Pinot Noir is seriously peaking. Best bottle of the 02 WS Sonoma Coast I have enjoyed over the 12-15 bottles I’ve had.

Definitely pushing 94. I stole these amazing bottles. Thank you universe.
— 10 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Yes, thank you universe. 👍

Paul Hobbs

Cuvée Agustina Richard Dinner Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

So damn good. Ages extremely well. Drinking great now but still has 10+ years left! — 15 days ago

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Fitch Mountain Cellars

Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Year in, year out this is one of the more reliable values in California Cabernet. I think it’s sort of a second wine of Optima and I’m certain I’ve tried every vintage since 2001 because it rarely disappoints. I used to be able to swoop it for around $17 but it’s closer to $30 retail these days. Nevertheless, great QPR. Popped and poured; consumed over three days and best on Day 3. The 2017 pours deep ruby with an opaque core. The nose black currants, grilled kofta, purple flowers, baking spice and very light pyrazines…almost undetectable. On the palate, dark and red fruits, smoke and baking spice. Dry. Medium tannin; medium acid. Finish is medium…and savory. A totally respectable Tuesday night wine. — 20 days ago

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Benziger Family Winery

Paradiso De Maria Sonoma Mountain Sauvignon Blanc 2020

This is a good, crisp, zesty little bottle of citrus and green apple. It’s mouth wateringly acidic, but not overbearing in its punch. I just wrote this and then looked at the winery’s own tasting notes and I think my future self wrote their description. — 9 days ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian


Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2019

Reddish in color with medium intensity.

Fruity nose with cherries, ripe strawberries, raspberries, light oak, vegetables, earth and spices.

Medium-bodied with medium acidity.

Dry on the palate with raspberries, strawberries, bing cherries, oak, wild flowers, light vanilla, spices, dark chocolates, herbs and peppercorn.

Medium finish with soft tannins and tangy raspberries.

This young Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast is drinking nicely already. Fruit forward and easy drinking. Light and approachable.

This Single Vineyard is showing mild complexity with a nice mouthfeel.

After after an hour of airtime, it gets earthier, with some bitter herb notes. Would be nice to revisit it in 2 years.

Good right out of the bottle and good with food. I paired it with a charcuterie board of meats and cheeses.

A very small production of only 5 barrels.

14.2% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

— 7 days ago

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Aston Estate

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2015

Ron R

Wifey is out of commission, so to speak, so I had to hunt and provide. Locked in on jerk chicken with roasted veggies.
She wanted something light in the glass (relative to cab), so I opted for Aston. Nose presents cinnamon. Mid palate is gnarly, rustic and textured. Loads of barrel toast and a hint of tart cherries, with prominent acidity. Finish keeps going… we may have under clubbed our rating.
— a day ago

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Fogline Vineyards

Mattei Road Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel 2015

This 6 year old is drinking very nicely now. Showing blueberries, black cherries, plums, sweet strawberries, earth, vegetables, tobacco leaf, dark coffee, pencil lead, bitter herbs, Indian spices and peppercorn.

Medium plus in body and smooth. Dry on the palate with medium acidity. Nicely balanced with nice complexity.

This Single Vineyard has a tangy finish with fine grained tannins, but not particularly long.

Very enjoyable, easy drinking and fruit forward. A little hot at the back of the throat, though.

Showing a gorgeous nose at this point, full of wildflowers and blue and black fruits.

Good right out of the bottle, good by itself, and better with food.

As it opens up, more complexity comes in, especially on the nose.

15.5% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

A small production of only 72 cases.
— 3 days ago

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Peay Vineyards

Pomarium Pinot Noir 2014

On the nose rich black cherry also red and blue fruits - raspberry and blueberry Barb thought. Very aromatic. Medium weight palate with a sweetish flavour of red fruits - more fruit driven than savoury on the palate. I don’t believe this will drink better than it does now but will hold up for several years at this level. The intensity of this wine and location to the ocean together with the aromas and richness of flavour reminds me of Huon Valley Tasmanian wines like Home Hill Estate - both wonderful new world Pinot Noir. — 2 days ago

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David T

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Where do find this is AU?
Bob McDonald

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@David T From memory it was Prince Wine Store in South Melbourne where I buy 90% of my wine.
Bob McDonald

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@David T Just today I’ve been offered the 2018 Peay Cep Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Ultramarine Wines

Charles Heintz Vineyard Blanc de Noirs Pinot Noir 2014

Widely considered a top domestic sparkler, the Ultramarine BdN definitely has some bottle variation because the last time I had this bottle in July of last year, it was generally subdued and unexpressive. On this occasion, although there isn’t much intensity on the nose, the palate is much more expressive. It’s energetic and focused showing precise red berry fruit and florals, salted hazelnuts and baked brioche. Becomes more savory with air. Definitely impressive domestic bubbles. — 3 days ago

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