Real Companhia Velha

Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

20 Year Old Tawny Porto Port Blend

Ming L

While the nose is of prototypical tawny port with raisin, caramel, fig, cocoa, and sandalwood, the palate has a fruitier profile with subtle cherry flavor. Full and rich but not cloying - it’s actually on the drier end of the taste spectrum for a tawny.
Royal Oporto is a tawny-focus brand marketed by Real Companhia Velha which owns several quintas including Quinta das Carvalhas.
— a month ago

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Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Quinta das Carvalhas Porto Tawny 20 Years Old Port Blend

Tasty. Hubby and I have really been digging this winery so had to try their port. Deep rich aromas of cocoa, vanilla and tobacco. Lots of raisin, date and figs. Drinks sweet up front with the dried fruit flavor dominating before giving way to oak flavors, tannins and a touch of acid to wash the sweetness away. — 4 months ago

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Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Quinta das Carvalhas 30 Year Old Tawny Porto

Big time caramel, vanilla, and oak tannins. Major profiles of dried fruits like fig, fig netwon, raisins, and blackberry jam. This all carries over into the flavors but inclusive of spearmint. Slightly less obvious but still prevalent is the candied ginger, walnut, almond, and general toasted nut characteristics. It’s a gorgeous 30 year old, but still quite youthful. — 7 months ago

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Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Carvalhas Douro Touriga Nacional - Touriga Franca Blend 2015

My sister would rate it a 10 but she’s also drank most of the bottle so I’m gonna go with a 9.2 because she is generally reliable but ya know…wine! — 3 months ago

Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Quintas das Carvalhas Reserva Douro 2020

Aroma has a touch of diacetyl but it's light enough to be pleasant. Loads of currant and with a heavy cocoa, tobacco, and slate finishing note. Drinks surprisingly light for as dark and heavy as it smells. Very fruity with a lot of acid but a tannic finish that quenches the acid. Very nice wine. — 4 months ago

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Real Companhia Velha

Evel Reserva Douro Touriga Blend 2020

Luscious and tannic. Lots of alcohol with dark fruit,mint cured meat. Great nose and finish. 2020 needs more time — 5 months ago

Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Vintage Port Blend 1983

Obviously great. Orange Zest. Touch bitter. Plums. — 3 months ago

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Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Carvalhas Douro Branco 2021

Star bright yellow gold. Inviting nose of quince and white pepper. Medium full palate confirms the nose adding an earthy mineral (at once) note all supported by firm (medium plus) acidity. White rose(!) on the lengthy, palate continuing finish. This 50/50 blend of Gouvelo and Voisinho makes an excellent upper entrée into Portuguese whites; a category most have yet to explore. It's a great pair for roasted fowl or pork and of course most Iberian fare. Drink now through 2026. — 3 months ago

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Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Ruby Porto

Rico para aperitivo y digestivo. O para un Portonic — 4 months ago

Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Carvalhas Branco 2018

Ming L

I don’t recall coming across a Portuguese white that’s so ripe and full. Nose of lime, orange peel, peach, pear, honeysuckle, hint of vanilla and spice. Round and viscous on the palate, but there is enough acidic lift. Drinking like a well made Viognier.
A blend of Gouveio and Viosinho, 2 varieties commonly used for white port.
— 7 months ago

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