Randall Grahm

Popelouchum Vineyard

20,000 pieds/ha. Pinot Noir 2020

A bright Pinot from Randall Grahm with cherry and raspberry on the palate. Likely the beginning of a great offering. January 2023. — a year ago

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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Vin Gris De Cigare Grenache Rosé Blend 2020

The beautiful salmon-colored wine displays a nose of cherry, red currant and an herbal hint of spearmint. The palate has a zippy acidity - Grahm says zippier than in previous vintages - and an abundance of red fruit, a citrus peel angle and a touch of tanginess. Salads and seafood, sure, but even better if you’re having them on the deck and can afford to have a few more glasses after lunch. — 3 years ago

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Big Basin Vineyards

Homestead Block Roussanne 2017

Nicely done. I like the Amphora texture and acidity. Queveri-ish. Good food wine. For on its own enjoyment, would love to see lightly topped with late harvest Roussanne. Lemon+Honey 🐝

I also want to bury the Amphora ceremoniously, with you (Bradley) and Randall Grahm.... on an eclipse/lunar biodynamic magical night, you already got the patio with a firepit to fulfill the bonfire... cow horns and crystals for everyone :) haha
— 4 years ago

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Wind Gap Wines

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2017

Yellow grass. Mineral Water ran through a Randall of quartz. Buttercream. — 5 years ago

Cooper Garrod

Randall Graham Clone Viognier 2019

Big mountain viognier from the Santa Cruz mountains. I like it! — 2 years ago

Janelle Greenlee
with Janelle

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Beeswax Vineyard Picpoul 2020

This wine is tinted light yellow and puts up a magnificent nose which is driven by citrus and salinity. I don’t get much of the floral note mentioned by Grahm, but there is a waxy or soapy element in the package of aromas. The palate seems a bit heavier, oilier than bygone vintages, and the salinity comes across in the mouth as well as the nose. Meyer lemon flavors are abundant, and while the acidity may not actually sting the lips, it is nice and racy and it awaits some crab cakes or grilled calamari. — 3 years ago

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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Volant en foudre Red Rhone Blend 2013

Randall Grahm won’t be making this anymore but it’s a terrific wine. New world CdP style blend that has layers of depth and flavor but also a precise and refreshing delicacy. So much to love. Delicious now but with years ahead of it. — 4 years ago

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The Language of Yes

En Passerillage Grenache 2020

Very excited to try this Grenache from Randall Grahm’s new project. It’s super young and was too tight to really evaluate on night 1, so these are night 2 notes.

The color is light-ish, but the nose is inviting, with loads of bright cherry/strawberry fruit, spice, and lovely crushed gravel minerality. Soft in the mouth, the flavors are relatively intense but it maintains a medium weight and silky feel. Great purity and balance. Not a dense wine that will demand attention at a tasting, but a really fine dinner accompaniment (I’m having beef tacos).
— 2 years ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Beautiful label too

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Volant Unfiltered Red Rhone Blend 2016

Pepper dusted lilac candies - a wild nose

Lighter in body than one would expect with this CDP styled blend. Sour cherry, mint, flint, river stone, the fruit is exceptional, all ripe and ready to please in its own way. Blended, dark and bright, and luscious at the same time.
Randall Graham - it’s been awhile, still a great winemaker with a talent for fun.
— 4 years ago

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Nice review!🍷


Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2015

Nose of Butter, white peach, and honeysuckle. Spicy on the front and sweet on the finish. Tastes of a touch of white peach and ginger, then lychee with some rosemary. It’s a crazy good delicious Chardonnay. And I don’t really like Chardonnay. But I like this for sure. Thanks @Randall Brater for sharing! — 5 years ago

Randall BraterHeather Dillaway
with Randall and Heather
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