Picket Fence

Chateau Ste. Michelle

Columbia Valley Riesling 2022

This wine has barely any color at all, just a very faint yellow-green tint. The nose is nice. There is a slight trace of petrol, which I always love to find in a Riesling. More dominant is a lanolin note which joins a light floral aroma. The palate straddles the fence between dry and sweet, offering up some tasty stone fruit and a savory side marked by gentle spices and a workable acidity. I would like a drier wine better, but I drank this quaff gladly and poured another. — 2 months ago

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Mollydooker Wines

Two Left Feet Shiraz Blend 2018

I really like this! My hubby is on the fence about it. Since this is my account, I give it a 9.2 (hubby says 8.9). Strong, dark, and… delicious. — a year ago

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Keeper Estate Paso Robles Red Blend 2018

Total Rhône Ranger: 56% Syrah, 16% Mourvèdre, 13% Petite Syrah, 11% Grenache, with 2%, each, smoothing things all together, of Viognier(!) and … Alicante Bouschet. I bet the Alicante was added for color more than for flavor, though also to smooth the tiny ping of pepper notes I assume follow the teensy bit of Viognier. All in all a delightful crowd pleaser. Inoffensive to sensitive palates and yet bold+complexly layered just enough to please those who want some drama in the bowl (present 🤚 ).

Pairs well with… just about everything: mild chicken to game and lamb… also all cheeses from mildest to most piquant — it’s that kind of utility player wine!
For this reason, I give it the full 9.0 instead of the 8.9 I’d planned on mid-dinner last night. I had been straddling that fence between best of a strong platoon player who’d see 80 games a season, some starting and some pinch hitting/fielding, vs an everyday starter who could cover the infield as passably as the outfield and bat just about anywhere in the lineup, 1-8, save the super power 3 and 4 spots — though a few sips hit the spot sweet just right to serve as barely clearing the fence home runs during a brief period that this wine lingered at just-right aeration time.

Darker red pour with flecks of bear black and hues of orange highlight… Bing cherry skin color center to lighter Rainer cherry reds near glass sides. No tears to speak of from alcohol and this wine does not feel as if it’s high in alcohol at all, but the label reads 15.2%. I wonder if someone transposed those last two numbers which straddle the decimal.

Zero cherry flavors — just those colors. The mix of velvety raspberry, very mild dried laurel leaves, under-roasted coffee, and mild chocolate all muddle together more than layer over one another, as I prefer, but they do so in a way that forms a comfy soft blanket of flavors and those tiny peeps of black pepper do make that blanket more interesting. Medium finish says good-bye with a soft wave to the smell of cardboard-surrounding a delicious dark chocolate bar…if that smell could be distilled into a thick liquid that coats the top of the throat before evaporating away slowly.

This 2018 seems to be nearing peak of flavors and has the potential to drink pretty well until 2023; probably not much pizazz will be left to extend its contract after that. I’d be glad to drink this again anytime. A good wine for Justin S. and/or David M.
— 3 years ago


Watson Ranch Chardonnay 2021

David T

One of the few CA Chardonnay I enjoy. You can spend more on one, but for under $40, this works really well.

Arnot-Robert’s rides the fence of CA Chardonnay & White Burgundy nicely. Has a bit of Ca Chardonnay backbone with the creamy body of White Burgundy.

Nose does not show much at first. Green apple, pear, lemon, lime. White peach, caramel notes, cardamom, paraffin, cream, yellow & spring flowers.

The body is creamy with nice viscosity. Green apple, pear, lemon, lime. White peach, caramel notes, cardamom, paraffin, cream, very light honey notes, sea spray, light chalkiness, yellow & spring flowers. Excellent round acidity, beautiful, soft structure, well balanced and a pleasant finish.

A couple more years in bottle add a point or two & more complexity. .

A little history from their website. Watson Ranch Vineyard is perched on a steep hillside overlooking the San Pablo Bay at the southernmost end of the Napa Valley. The ranch was named after early Napa attorney, Augustus Watson, who owned the property in the early 1900s. The adjacent property is an abandoned limestone quarry which historically employed over 300 people, mining material to make portland cement used to rebuild San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.
— 4 months ago

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Michael Shaps

Wild Meadow Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Well, the 2016 has turned the page / it seems to be paradigm shift from the previous vintages (tighter, restrained, minimal oak). The ‘16 is quite voluminous with warm caramel brioche and baked lemon liquor. While golden and opulent, this is not a gentle and elegant food wine. Thus I am on the fence whether I want another bottle… I probably will get one because it’s still available and look for a better food pair. Day two, allowed for some beautiful sipping, though ;) edit: I will get another bottle…very nice sipper on day 2…mouthfeel is glorious! — 3 years ago

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Robert Foley Vineyards

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This is one of those wines that I said I was going to wait 10 yrs before opening...🤔 No real regrets! This wine has big bold dark berries, licorice Snaps, anise, vanilla, bay leaf, eucalyptus caramel, and maple syrup! Not picking up any acidity, tannins are very nicely integrated and presents with a very long finish. I am really on the fence between a 9.1 or a 9.2 rating! — 3 years ago

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Ron R

Ron R Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Foley stuff is great. 92 is lower than I would expect. But then I consider my s ores to be generous.
Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Ron R This is a fabulous wine! Big Napa Cab! At this stage of this wine looking for a little " earth" "Acidity" identifiers!!
Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Ron R you are correct! Last glass is marvelous! 9.3 to a 9.5!

Jones Family Vineyard

The Sisters Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

David T

This small Calistoga producer falls largely under the radar. I am thankful. The 12 vintage brings such fruit. However, this 12 Sisters rides the fence of 12 & 13. Shows dark currents, concreted mouthfeel in addition to its ripe, rich opulence.

The nose ascends with rich dark, purple, blue fruits, dark spice, violets framed in lavender for days.

The palate is ripe, ruby, lush, concentrated fruits of; blackberries, black raspberries, black plum, boysenberries, very dark cherries, creamy raspberries, in & out strawberries & blueberries. Big, heated, dark spice-box, round, meaty, sweet tannins cigar ash, led pencil, tarriness, anise, moist, fresh tobacco, black licorice & cola, dark, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, vanilla, rich soil w/ dry leaves, dry, crush rocks/limestone, dry herbs-bay leaves, sage, parsley, notes of eucalyptus bark shavings, tree bark w/ hints of sap, touch of black sandalwood to barrel shavings, pepper, moist, volcanic clay, fresh & withering; dark, purple, red, blue floral bouquet framed in violets & lavender, excellent acidity with a lush, rich, big, round & meaty structure, still shows great tension, well balanced with endless polish & finish. 10 years of life ahead…properly stored. Wine post 4,600.

Such a deal at the Benchmark Bin Sale.
@Paul T- Huntington Beach if you find any of this, just tell me about em, don’t buy em. 😂🤥
— 8 months ago

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Paul T HB

Paul T HB

Never heard of it,

Lighthall Vineyards

The Fence Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé 2019

Nice. Day 1 had this with BBQ by the lake. Refreshing but a bit fizzy. My friends enjoyed it. I preferred day 2, less fizzy and just delicious, had it with an Asian inspired rice dish & salad. — 2 years ago

Villa a Sesta

Il Palei Chianti Classico Sangiovese Blend 2016

Popped and poured; consumed over three days. Day 1 was super duper primary and “okay” but not all that interesting. Day 2 was better. Day 3? Now it had my attention. Dark cherry, Fig Newton™️, and conditioned leather. Dry. Medium tannins. Medium-plus acid. Versatile. I was on the fence with this...but I’ve come around. I dig it, but it needs time (or significant air). — 3 years ago

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