Morro D'alba, Ancona

Marotti Campi

Superiore Orgiolo Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2017

Blueberry and lavender - nose and tongue. Super unique. Fresh. Alive. A wonderful fresh wine made from a super cool grape. Wow, the world need more of these tears. — 7 days ago

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Tenuta di Tavignano

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Barbarossa 2018

Unusual! From Le Marche. Medium bodied, ruby-purple color, not super dry, nice acids, medium–light tannins. Rose, violet, prune, stewed strawberries, vanilla, some baking spice. From Main Street Wine and Gourmet, Orleans. 03/07/21
— 5 months ago

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Conti di Buscareto

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

Can’t read the label but delish — 7 months ago


Morro d'Alba Lacrima 2018

Delicious. Such a unique grape. Flower’s galore on the nose. Strawberry, cherry, some black pepper on the tongue. Only 12.5%. Great with light fare, apps, chicken; may even put a chill on it on a hot, summer day! — 3 months ago

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Dasempre del Pozzo Buono Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2019


Italian fruit punch. All day drinkable. — 5 months ago


Querci'Antica Lacrima di Morro

2018 vintage. This is soooo good. First time with the variety. Candied violet and rose petal big time, with fresh cherry, pomegranate, red plum, incense, stemmy spice and tarragon, black rocks. Light- to medium-bodied and very gulpable with a light chill. — 7 months ago

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Mariasole Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

2017 vintage in 2021. Ruby colored with nice depth. Lots of berry flavor — 4 months ago

Azienda Santa Barbara

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2019

Dark cherry and a light herbal and savory flavor profile. Very drinkable. Gulp! — 4 months ago


Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

Very easy nice midweek wine. Fruity, medium bodied...just delicious — 5 months ago

Cantina Offida

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2017

Lacrimal di Morro d'Alba. 2017. Pine, herbal, full bodied but double dry red. — 9 months ago