Lubbock County, Texas

Spicewood Vineyards

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2017

This pic is of a Texas wine from local Spicewood Vineyards. It’s smooth and easy to drink.
50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot, Aged 20 months in 50% new French oak and 50% neutral oak
— 2 years ago

Pax Mahle Wines

Griffin's Lair Sonoma Coast Syrah 2002

Last week in Texas. Hosted a final dinner for close friends. Been a great 8 years! This was sublime. So cool tasting Pax’s transition from big wines like this (14.5% abv) to what he’s doing now. Damn I love Pax — 2 years ago

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Alegría Vineyards Rosato Rosé Blend 2018

This is delish. Just add Texas heat creeping in and this makes for another perfect Spring/Summer patio chill wine. (I am developing a quarantine theme...). Raspberries, red cherries, and maybe some granny apples. Refreshing Rosato for the red wine lovers. Plus I just love Acorn - a great value/quality buy. If ever in Sonoma, stop by and visit Betty and Bill to hear all about their wines and their passion. — 2 years ago

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Garden Creek

Chardonnay 2013

No one really knows who left this one on the table, but it had some really stiff competition. This one wins the award for the most intriguing and the "betcha would have never guessed this to be a chard" chard. Very light lemongrass nose. Definitely sweeter nose, but didn't scream chard to me. The entry is light, no butter, little minerality, mostly lemon and lime. Very enjoyable. This Alexander Valley chard would have gone the best alongside a swimming pool and 105 degree Texas heat. Finished with crisp notes. Very pleased with this wine, but again I am 1000% certain that it would have taken someone from Garden Creek to have recognized this wine in the lineup of chards that we had tonight. — 4 years ago

Shay ADan Fitzgerald
with Shay and Dan
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Shay A

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Super unique. I thought it was a SB at first! So tropical with racing acidity. Kiwi, melon and even grapefruit. Not familiar with this winery or their style, but a fun one to try.

Red Car

Sonoma Coast Rosé of Pinot Noir 2018

Tangerine, peach, and watermelon. Nice bright acidity rounding out freshness. Enjoying this on the patio during a rare Texas August cool front. — 2 years ago

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E & K G

E & K G

Sounds like a great summer wine! Cheers 🥂


Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Lovely Sauvignon Blanc that was part of a welcome gift for my wife & I during our recent staycation at the brand new Westin hotel here in our very own Texas Medical Center. Perfect wine to sip on while watching the sun go down from the terrace. — 2 years ago

Krystal Vento
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@Ryan Vento Ryan looks like a good time Cheers 🍷
David T

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The good life.
Sharon B

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Very nice setting!

Llano Estacado

Newsom Vineyard Cellar Reserve Tempranillo 2016

Great wine from Lubbock. Thanks Llano — 4 years ago

A. Rafanelli

Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Just a good wine. Grandfather collected Rafanelli from the mid 90’s till Mississippi cracked down on shipping wine to the state in 2010. Brought a couple bottles back for him from Texas. While I attribute the 1998 Terrace Select Cab as the wine that really got me into wine, I overall still lean towards their Zin’s. — 2 years ago

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Arden Barnett

Arden Barnett

@David L Their merlot is the one wine in their lineup that I have failed to try... the past year has been eye opening for me with regards to Cali Merlot. Before I just assumed for the most part they are just all big fruit bombs, but man I have never been more wrong. So many good options right now. Working on building up a little collection. Cheers!
David L

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Paloma Vineyard- Sonama
Buccella Merlot - Something you must open . Cheers all!
Arden Barnett

Arden Barnett

@David L thanks for the recs! I’ve been keeping my eye out for some Buccella’s at auction. Hope to snag a few bottles soon.

La Diosa Cellars


Lubbock, Texas wines 👌🏼 — 3 years ago

Jason Lem
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Nickel & Nickel

Stiling Vineyard Chardonnay 2014


Very light & easy Chardonnay. Hit the spot with some small snacks after a pretty long day in July, in Texas. 👍🏼 — 4 years ago