Le Casot Des Mailloles

Le Casot des Mailloles

Obreptice Vermentino

Very tasty, nose of crisp yellow apple a slight minerality and crisp acidity, with flavors of cumquat, apple, pear and a lovely acidity. Will absolutely drink again, and a perfect pairing for fish! — 4 days ago

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Domaine Le Casot des Mailloles

Rosé de ZAZA Syrah Rosé

Raspberries and strawberries and endless joy — 10 months ago

Le Casot des Mailloles

Blanc de Casot Grenache Blanc

Deep cuts. Vivacious and lengthy with precision. Balanced. — 3 years ago

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Domaine Le Casot des Mailloles

Blanc du Casot Vin de Table Grenache Blanc 2014

Épicé mais frais
Bouche épaisse pulpeuse tannique mais avec un bel équilibre
— 10 days ago

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Romanissa Casot Côtes Catalanes Red Blend

Polly. Anders og mor. 2017. Pruttet. Let. Lækkert — 9 months ago

Le Casot des Mailloles

Le Blanc du Casot 2016

Well I thought this was excellent. — 3 years ago

Koko Richeyjams jerfy
with Koko and jams
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jams jerfy

jams jerfy

yes. this is the shit.

Giuseppe Nada

Casot Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2015

iron, red fruit and rose petal. — 3 months ago

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Le Casot des Mailloles

Comax Bucolix Syrah Marsanne 2019

A bit one-dimensional. Drinks well with a chill. — 5 months ago

Domaine Le Casot des Mailloles

Soulà Grenache

2004..! and so stellar on so many levels, let's hope the post 2014 generation will be this good one day!! — 4 years ago