Innis & Gunn

Wilson Gunn

Bellum Cabernet-Shiraz Blend 2020

Fruit forward nose, dominated by blackberry pie aromas. Some cinnamon and vanilla mixed with dark fruits and some other enticing warm smells. Big, rich, and dense but smooth underneath is dryness. Lots of big flavors, but finishes easy enough. — a year ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian

Innis & Gunn

Higher Ground Barrel Aged Highland Cask Ale

Lovely limited edition ale from Innis and Gunn.

Aged in single malt whisky barrels.

A warming amber ale with sweet hints of molasses and cocoa.

•6 2% ABV• January 4, 2020 🌛
— 4 years ago

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Sharon B

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Sounds nice on a chilly evening!
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

Innis & Gunn is a well respected brewery 🍺


@Dawn E. Thank you! 😀@Sharon B It is a good ale. 🍺 @DC Radisson They are a fine brewery. 🍻

Innis & Gunn

The Original Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale

Fluffy fluffy. Floating above the clouds here with cold, winsome, comforting lacing. Cedar-y and vanilla nose with orange citrus and a touch of brioche. Waves a little wood about, with caramel apple subservient to its vanilla wafer and toffee toast, while these too offer restraint. Maple extract cookies in lemon tea, and an overall pear tartlet aspect that brings it arboreally north to its latitude. The tiniest drops of heather honey. At the risk of repeating myself; these are well balanced beers! — 5 years ago

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Innis & Gunn

Kriek Cask Matured Ripe Scottish Cherries 2021

Delicious tart cherry 🍒 Kriek.

Balanced tart cherry, vanilla and oak tones.

Always exciting to see something new from this fantastic Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 brewery.

•5.1% ABV• December 21, 2021🍻🍒
— 2 years ago

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Douglas Braun

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Love the glass
Sharon B

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Sounds yummy!

Innis & Gunn

Limited Edition Mangoes On The Run Mango IPA

Pugnacious head puffs it’s billowy chest. Egg white and and foamy, with a tea colored translucence. Wave top lacing. Orange blossom and mango with grapevine and toast smells leads to sweet barley malt and tangerine. The mango is strong in the mouth, but not sweet. Tons of lemon oil, lime peel, and sweet grapefruit from the hops come out, but still it shows restraint (literally the earmark of every beer style these folks make) and balance. It is fruity, but never steers far from the earthy realm of beer. Opening and closing within the canon, and doing so with an ingredient far from its shores. Great work! Great Scot! .
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— 4 years ago

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Innis & Gunn

Barrelmaster's Reserve Oak Aged Scottish Beer

Dark brown and rusty. Smells oddly Flemish with pickled peaches and rye bread flipping into bear claw. Tastes of cream soda, and root beer, barrel notes of Saigon cinnamon, rye, brown sugar, raw chocolate, chocolate tea, and cedar that finishes sweeter and creamier with nougat-coffee. — 5 years ago

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Innis & Gunn

Quarter Cask Edition The Original

Always expect a proper beer from Innis and Gunn.

Smooth with hints of vanilla and pear.

•7.4% ABV• January 5, 2020
— 3 years ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Trixie Cheers to this New Year! 🍻

Innis & Gunn

04 Vanishing Point Imperial Stout

04 Vanishing Point - an Imperial stout matured in bourbon barrels 450 days.

Chocolate, charred oak, vanilla and ripe fruit underpined by a heady bourbon character.

Another masterpiece by Innis and Gunn. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

•11% ABV• November 7, 2020🍂
— 4 years ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Trixie Cheers! Sounds delicious! 🍻
MaJ CappS

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In is and Gunn are superb at barrel aging! 🍻

Richard Kershaw

Lake District Bokkeveld Shales CY95 Deconstructed Chardonnay

In the words of the wise philosopher Gia Gunn: STUN. — 5 years ago

Innis & Gunn

Barrel Aged Bourbon Barrel Porter

Blackest coffee color, no dome, no lacing. Slight gunflint, dark roast coffee, peppercorn, poppyseed, smoky papaya seed covered in sweet pulp, with baked plum aromas. Dark toast with steely-graphite, rosemary-coffee, espresso, coffee rye, camomile, dark toffee and pecan afterthought. The brilliant thing about this beer is its reluctance to lean on sweet elements, and its insistence on pulling complexity from simple elements. — 5 years ago

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Philip Cook

Philip Cook

I’ve liked all of their beers I’ve tried.
David Kline

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I have too. Just had another tonight. Quite different taste-wise.